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Feb 14, 2007 06:27 AM

Early weekday brunch/breakfast below 14th st.

I need suggestions for great early morning (well, 7am to 9am) breakfast during the week. Something more than just a coffee shop or 7A or a diner. Balthazar is my favorite for an early breakfast, but I need to other restaurants too. I know there are plenty of other bistros in the area, but which ones open at 7am? Also, great french toast is a big plus too! Thanks!

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  1. Clinton Street Baking Company!!!

    1. clinton street baking company is a great suggestion. also would like to add the grey dog's coffee on carmine street - it's a coffeehouse, yes, but they have good food and a full breakfast menu. very cozy space, too. shopsin's would've been perfect as well, but unfortunately they just closed down (they're supposed to be reopen as a stand in the essex street market soon enough, if they haven't already). also, go to patisserie claude on w. 4th st between 7 and 8am when his croissants, pain au chocolat, and other baked goods are hot and fresh out of the oven - seriously, they're really terrific if you get them then. and cafe condessa on w. 10th st also opens up around 7:30am or so. their croissants, while not as good as claude's, are solid in their own right (at least when they were fresh out of the oven around that time) and they have other breakfast options as well.

      1. Clinton St...yes I hadn't thought of that. Great suggestions so far. Would prefer places a little closer to me (L.E.S.) but I'm willing to travel farther rest for a good meal.

        1. Also... Clinton St. doesn't open till 8. I need to be in my office by 9:00-9:15, so I'm looking for places that open a bit before 8.

          1. Ditch Plains opens at 7am, and Cafe Cluny at 8am. I especially like Cluny. It feels like being in a sophisticated cottage in the Village. The breakfast is excellent, though not cheap - certainly no more than Balthazar though.