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Feb 14, 2007 06:21 AM

One great meal in Baltimore

I'm visiting my son in college this weekend and would like to go to take him to one great place in Baltimore. Seafood is okay, but don't want a typical crab house with all that fried food. We're staying in the Inner Harbor, but have a car, so could drive anywhere. Any ideas?

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  1. My husband and I just went to Saffron at 802 N. charles St. last night. He had the lamb... it was delicious and I had the asopao...seafood and rice...spicy and outstanding. Of course, it was rainy and sleeting and our service was exceptional because there were only 2 tables occupied. check out their website and see if you like the menu.

    1. I like Crazy Lil's at 27 East Cross St. Downstairs is a fairly typical bar, but go upstairs to find a quiet, smoke-free dining room. The menu is varied, mostly grilled (burgers, fish, chicken). The crab dip is the best I've ever had. All the food is very tasty and not at all expesive. The servers are friendly and attentive. It would probably take you less than 1/2 hour to get down there and if you go eaerly enough, you can check cross street market and the view from Federal Hill Park.

      1. I asked my daughter who also goes to college in Baltimore. We have taken her out to many places. We all liked Pazo. It is a trendy place with very good food, but he wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen there with his parents. Another place we all liked was The Helmond,with Afghan food. But her - and my - first choice would be Mama's on the Half-Shell in Canton. It offers a nice selection of seafood, but has a varied menu- in selection and price. It's close to the Inner Harbor, and far enough away from campus that he won't run into everyone he knows.

        1. For a "Great " meal I would recommend "Charleston"...i think it's the best in Baltimore

          1. For trendy, Mediterranean inspired (Spain and Sicily) small pates, Pazo is good.For a great, high-end meal, Charleston is the place. Mama's and Saffron are good suggestions. For something homey, fairly reasonable but with outstanding food, try The Chameleon Cafe.