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Did you do something Chowish for your love today?

Happy Valentine's Day!

I sent my love off to work this morning with freshly baked blueberry muffins, a heart shaped box filled with homemade chocolate truffles, all wrapped in a red and white gift bag.

Tonight for dinner I'm making Chicken Marsala (one of his favorites) and Chocolate Buttermilk Cake for dessert.

How are you showing your love in a Chowish way?

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  1. I made Pecan Sticky Buns today. But then, almost any day, I make something tasty for us.

    1. Last year I went all out, cooking my girlfriend a variation of her favorite meal, setting the apt. up for romance, the works. But I found that I was so worried about her experience that it became work (read:unenjoyable) for me. That's why this year we will be dining out, letting someone else do the work, and then I will break out the apron on the weekend. though you did just remind me that I forgot to get a card!

      1. I made my boyfriend homemade frozen dinners because he's a 21 year old who can't cook. this way he can take a break from ramen and taco bell for a while.

        1. I gave her a new apron, a $100 dollar bill and told her to cook me something great.

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            And what was her reaction to this "gift"?

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                Oops! I thought the $100 bill was to buy the ingredients required to cook YOU something great.


          2. OneJayne, what lovely V day plans.
            My dh wound up off from work due to the snow storm so my "surprise" just went south.
            I hired a personal chef to fix dinner for all of us but I ordered a three-tier box of gourmet chocolates for dh and our teen son to share.

            Happy Valentine's Day!

            1. Well we don't really celebrate Valentines Day because it's so commercial. But yesterday we ordered pizza and unbeknownst to me, he got it in a heart shape.

              1. Today also happens to be our wedding anniversary. We never celebrate by going out - we'd prefer to stay in where we know the food, wine and ambiance will be perfect for the occasion. We don't like the commercial aspect of the day - crowded restaurants, limited menu, rushed service. Been there, done that! And hated it.
                Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

                1. Last night, I fried eggs in a heart shape (thanks, Target) for my girls to have for dinner. Tonight we'll have a family V Day dinner: steak and crab claws with potatoes, beets and steamed broccoli, followed by chocolates that my husband gave us this morning. The girls will drink some pink juice and we'll have champagne. I've already decorated the table with pink, red and white striped place mats and pink, red, white, and purple votive candles. And a big vase of beautiful flowers also presented this morning. We're all very excited about it.

                  For gifts tonight, I got my 7-year-old a personal bottle of tabasco (and a green one for the 3-year-old), along with a little jar of cornichons. And my husband will receive a bag of some European fruit sours and a bar of spicy dark chocolate.

                  1. Instead of spending money on gifts, cards, flowers, going out to eat, etc., we spend it on lobsters and have a yummy dinner at home.

                    1. Too busy to cook or go out to dinner today so I spent last night making ancho chili chocolate mousse with chipotle-nutmeg tuilles. Something fiery and passionate. Appetizer and entree will be handled by others, thank goodness.

                      1. I'm baking Le Pain Quotidien Belgian Chocolate brownies right now.

                        1. I actually have to restrain myself and remember that my DH would rather spend time with me out of the kitchen.

                          1. We had a great Valentine's Day last year (incredibly romantic and included an amazing dinner and gorgeous chocolates) so it's hard to top it off. So this year we're planning a night in, and making skirt steak with a few sides. Since we pretty much find any way possible to be romantic all other days of the year it feels so forced and commercial today so we're keeping it simple. Our present to each other is a surprise I'm planning for this weekend - it will include something chow-ish but I can't say anymore about it since he reads these boards too (he only knows it involves food but that's it).

                            1. I have a bit of a cold today, and we're both home due to the weather, so spouse made me garlic & cheese grits for breakfast. I"m having spicy chicken ramen right now to help my cold, maybe if I'm up to it I'll do the duck confit legs we have in the fridge for dinner.

                              1. I went out into the cold, cruel morning and bought coffee (we were out) and a rose. Although that is a priceless gift in itself, I'm also making a nice dinner later. (Champagne, rack of lamb, etc.)

                                1. I havne't done anything yet but I am making a dinner. Appetizers will be mussels in a garlic and white wine sauce, entree is broiled lobster tail with butter and herbed red potatoes, dessert is chocolate fudge cake with dulce the leche ice cream. The cake is from a box, but I'm sure it will be good.

                                  1. No time to make a complicated dinner smack in the middle of a very busy work week... so I just bought a stack of Valhrona bars for my husband and a box of See's lollipops for the young'uns. Not sure what's for dinner yet, but this might be a good night to go easy on the garlic. :)

                                    1. I got up early this morning and made beignets and cafe au lait for my hubby and son. They were in New Orleans this past September working for a relief organization for a week, but their last morning there they were able to have some fun and went to Cafe du Monde where they had beignets...and came back raving about them. In the most recent King Arthur flour catalog there was a mix from Cafe du Monde itself, along with their special coffee with chickory. So I ordered both and have had them hidden in the pantry for a couple of weeks, waiting for this morning. My "men" were so thrilled!!!!

                                      1. I've spent most of the day dealing with sick pets - but this afternoon is looking free and I'm making a special dinner:

                                        - Spinach salad with pears, toasted hazlenuts, and crumbled blue cheese (from Oregon, I think)
                                        - Smoked salmon pasta (penne pasta and a sauce of cream, tomato paste, corn, oregano, and smoked salmon)
                                        - Garlic bread
                                        - Fruit pizza (pineapple, strawberries, bananas, kiwi, mandarin oranges on a shortbread crust/wedge with a cream cheese/sugar/mandarin orange juice-to-thin "sauce" between the shortbread base and the fruit)

                                        1. I got him a nice valentine gift for his bird buddies: an oriole feeder.

                                          Ordinarily I'm at a church function on Wednesday night but I'm home sick. I think we're having instant something from the Schwan's man.

                                          He got me a bouquet of roses and a single, lovely, huge chocolate truffle.

                                          1. Oh...and I bought him a 3-pound Hershey's chocolate heart. He loves Hershey's and makes no apologies for it....so it's a good way of showing him love by not forcing him to eat 70% (or higher) gourmet chocolate!