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Feb 14, 2007 06:12 AM

Did you do something Chowish for your love today?

Happy Valentine's Day!

I sent my love off to work this morning with freshly baked blueberry muffins, a heart shaped box filled with homemade chocolate truffles, all wrapped in a red and white gift bag.

Tonight for dinner I'm making Chicken Marsala (one of his favorites) and Chocolate Buttermilk Cake for dessert.

How are you showing your love in a Chowish way?

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  1. I made Pecan Sticky Buns today. But then, almost any day, I make something tasty for us.

    1. Last year I went all out, cooking my girlfriend a variation of her favorite meal, setting the apt. up for romance, the works. But I found that I was so worried about her experience that it became work (read:unenjoyable) for me. That's why this year we will be dining out, letting someone else do the work, and then I will break out the apron on the weekend. though you did just remind me that I forgot to get a card!

      1. I made my boyfriend homemade frozen dinners because he's a 21 year old who can't cook. this way he can take a break from ramen and taco bell for a while.

        1. I gave her a new apron, a $100 dollar bill and told her to cook me something great.

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            And what was her reaction to this "gift"?

              1. re: beevod

                Oops! I thought the $100 bill was to buy the ingredients required to cook YOU something great.


          2. OneJayne, what lovely V day plans.
            My dh wound up off from work due to the snow storm so my "surprise" just went south.
            I hired a personal chef to fix dinner for all of us but I ordered a three-tier box of gourmet chocolates for dh and our teen son to share.

            Happy Valentine's Day!