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Feb 14, 2007 05:46 AM

Boqueria in Barcelona

I know the Boqueria market is very large. So, what are some of the best places to visit in the Boqueria market in Barcelona? This would include places to eat, to purchase foods to take home, for wine, books, etc.


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  1. The Boqueria is not that large. You can walk through it easily in an hour or so. Majority of the stalls sell fresh vegetable/fruit, meat, seafood, and cured meat, etc. It is not the best place for wine, canned/bottled goods to bring home. Bar Universal and Bar Pinotxo are good and very popular. The best general store for canned product is probably Colmado Quilez on the corner of Carrer Aragó and Rambla de Catalunya.

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      Definitely go to Bar Pinotxo. The highlight for me there was squid sauteed with chickpeas in a really hot wok, then it was drizzled with reduced balsamic and coarse sea salt. You can also see whatever they happen to be cooking up and ask for a portion.

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        Bar Pinotxo is definitely a must. It was by far the most satisfying meal I had in Barcelona. I find the book shop over- priced but have a nice selection of books which are hard to find...

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          I am not sure which bar is which that we always make a meal each time we return Barcelona. The food bar I like that serves good food is way to the back on the left as you enter the Boqueria front entrance. After that, I go out of Boqueria and hang a left couple of blocks leading to the back alley of that Church on Ramblas to Cafe Gramka Viader for the best hot chocolat and cheese cakes, period. Actually, I had better meals in Barcelona than in Paris without spending the big euros.

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            Agreed. This place is not to be missed. It will be a highlight of your trip.

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          There's actually a pretty good wine shop hidden in the Boqueria. It's all the way at the back, near the center, and it's an enclosed shop, not an open stall like most of the vendors. I've been there several times on trips to Barcelona, and the staff is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and un-snooty. I can't find it by Googling, but it's either called "La Carte Des Vins" or "Vinyas del Senyor" and both of those are probably mispelled (castillian? catalan? no idea). It's pretty easy to find, though. Just walk all the way to the back of the Boqueria, and start looking around.

          And for books, there's a cookbooks-only store near the Boqueria that seems to cater to chefs. If you exit out the back of the Boqueria, turn right, then leftish. You'll be on a narrow street between the parking lot (on your left) and a restaurant called Ra (on your right). Ra will be filled with American model/actress/dilletantes at outdoor tables (the food's not bad, though). Ra is mostly an outdoor business, but there is a small indoor dining room and the kitchen on either side of a passageway that goes through the building. Walk down that passageway. It does not look like a shopping area, but do it anyway. The cookbook store is back there, and They Have Everything. I had not much time and no need for more cookbooks when I was there (oh, the self-control), but it looked like an amazing place.

          Sorry for the weird directions, but that's what you have to deal with if you want the really hidden gems!

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            Thanks Tartinet, those are the type of tips I appreciate. I did find the wine store online at It appears to be part of a chain with other stores in Barcelona as well.

            Do you know if the cookbook store has books in English?


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              I'm glad you found the wine shop online. Apparently, my Googleskills need some reinforcement.

              And yes, the cookbook store definitely had some books in English. Report back if you go, it seemed like a great place, and I'd love to hear more about it!

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            What are the market's hours, roughly? Here in Rome the markets close by about 2 pm, all day Sundays, and are not at full strength on Mondays. Anything like that?

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              The Boqueria hours are Monday-Saturday 8am to 8pm.

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              Pinotxo is it for me. We went there for breakfast 2 days in a row and was almost going to go back for a third day...the boss loves taking pictures with his customers in his trademark pose.

            3. Kiosko Universal has also gotten great reviews here, though I sadly didn't have enough time to sample their food. This is definitely a walkable market and as far as I know, there aren't any books...just food.

              There's also a lone Korean food stall towards the back, which sells popular Korean snacks/dishes and is pretty authentic. It's right next to another stall that sells Greek/Mediterranean food, which is also good for snacking.

              What you can also do at the boqueria, which is especially good if you're on a budget, is buy cheese and meat by the pound (five euros' worth of each will be a feast for two), get some bread from another stall, and chow down.

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                That is exactly what we did in 2005 -- bought 2 different meats+2 different cheeses+bread+apples and some wine and headed to Mt.Serrat for a picnic -- great time for really cheap

              2. The Boqueria is not that big and if you want to eat there is a great stall/bar but i dont remember the name. if you walk into La Boqueria through the main Entrance on the Ramblas, once you are in the market turn left and go to the first aisles of stalls and right there on the corner is the bar with a counter where they have the best grilled giant GAMBAS in the world. I would go there iwth my friends for breakfast and hae carajillos (coffee with cognac) tortilla and gambas for breakfast!!!! |THE BEST EVER! and cheap

                1. The bar that we ate at and loved was the one covered in tile mosaic in green, orange and yellow. I didn't keep good enough track of who sold the best what, but since it's all so seasonal I wonder if that's consistant all the time anyhow? Because the produce and seafood was obviously very high end... Ioh, and the cheese. I stayed at a B&B so, without a kitchen we didn't buy a lot of raw perishable food.

                  I'm attaching some photos - the Boqueria was Chow heaven, as far as I'm concerned. Have fun!

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                    The Boqueria is one of my most favorite places on earth...I definitely agree with your comment re: chow heaven! Good to hear you enjoyed it too!

                  2. Okay, replying again - just to post more pictures. Obviously, I just loved it! :)

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                      Ha ha, I remember the lady fishmonger in your picuture. I bought fish from her and brought them back to my apartment. Just fried them in olive oil and salt with fresh bread and salard from the market. Yep, that was the counter we always go there for lunch. Was that a glass of prosecco?

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                        Funny! Yeah, I definitely got the feeling that many of the vendors were the business owner themselves, and/or had been there for many years.

                        Mmm, that sounds delish. My plan is to stay in an apartment walking distance from the Boqueria next time, so we can cook, too.

                        That was a glass of Cava. Never been super into sparkling wines before, but my dh & I fell in love with Cava while we were in Catalunya and now we drink it regularly.

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                          There are other public markets in Barcelona, so you wouldn't have to limit yourself to staying in the more-touristy Ramblas area, just to be near a market. Santa Caterina is a nice market, in a newly renovated building. It's in the Barri Gotic, I believe. And the Mercat Sant Antoni is another great market, in L'Eixample. Those are the only three I've been to, but there are lots more.

                          This website seems to be only in Catalan, but it's useful for maps and names and hours of all the markets in Barcelona:


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                            Well, I would try the one in LEixample that's where our aprt was. Thanks,

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                              A map/floor plan of the Mercat Boqueria in Barcelona can be found on their site