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Feb 14, 2007 05:41 AM

Need help - Place for nice business dinner T.O.

Business partners are staying at the Marriott Courtyard downtown, where is a good place for a business dinner?
Preferably Japanese, but any nice restaurant would do.


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    1. This is the Marriott Courtyard just north of College on Yonge?

      -- Omi is just around the corner (Church, north of Alexander)
      -- Kaiseki-Sakura is a block away (Church, north of Wellesley)

      You're also right across the street (literally) from Carmen's -- best steak in the city (ducking, because this gets endlessing debated)

      1. Nami (Church and Adelaide).

        1. The restaurants mentioned above are all good except Kaiseki-Sakura IMO, I found the food looks good but lacks substance.

          But for business diner, I would prefer Nami too. I think it is more suitable for your purpose.

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            I think Nami would be most appropriate for a business meeting, there's some measure of privacy, the service is more formal, tables less tightly packed and I believe there are private rooms. The food there is decent too.