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Feb 14, 2007 05:14 AM

Suggestions for a good seafood restaurant in Boston

Any suggestions for a good seafood restaurant in Boston . One requirement is a fine lobster. We would rather think of some place other than Legal and Pier 4

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  1. You could try The No-Name or the Barking Crab down on the waterfront. If upscale is more your speed, McCormick and Schmitts.

    1. Summer Shack gets some (rightfully) bad reviews here, but Jasper White's lobster is still amazing.

      His corn dogs, not so much.

      1. Great Bay in Kenmore Square.

        1. Mare, 135 Richmond st., in the NorthEnd.
          Atlantic Fish Co., 761 Boylston st., in the BackBay.
          Skipjack's, 199 Clarendon st., BackBay.
          Jumbo Seafood, 7 Hudson st., Chinatown.