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Duda's in Fells Point

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I wanted to share another reason why Duda's in Fells Point is rapidly becoming my favorite casual / bar dining option. I think the general consensus on the board is that it serves top notch bar food, with a nod toward traditional Maryland fair. I agree whole heartedly.

My brother is in the middle of a 18 month tour in Afghanistan. He was fortunate enough to come home for two weeks near the holidays. During this trip, he obviously missed the Baltimore dining scene and we hit as many of his favorite spots as we could, including Dudas. Almost all restaurant / bar owners were extremely friendly upon realizing this was a brief respite for my brother. The guys at Duda's were no different. Until a few weeks later. My brother returned to the mountains of Afghanistan and received a large package postmarked Fell Point. The guys at Duda's had sent him a giant portable crab feast, crab meat, old bay, Utz potato chip, and other stuff. It went above and beyond a simple nice gesture (the shipping alone probably coat $50).

This place serves terrific food, and is run by terrific people.

To get back on the food, I had a great 'werst and kraut there the other night as well.

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  1. What a great story. Duda's is one of those places I keep meaning to check out, but just haven't got around to. I'll be sure to bump them up on the list.

    1. Duda's is a great place and now I like them even better!

      1. have you thought about letting the B'more Sun know? duda's could probably use the free pub.

        1. I am awestruck by this ! Never been there. Will be now.

          1. That's an awesome story. I'm gonna be in Baltimore Thurs. nite (assuming Logan isn't backed up to high hell) and would love to try it. But is it filled with smoke?

            1. Heavy smoke but sidwalk tables in warm weather.

                1. re: MegMD

                  It's at the corner of Thames and Bond in Fells Point.

                2. and what a GREAT story

                  1. That's such a sweet story! But how did they know where to send it?

                    1. They asked for his address while we were there. He just figured they were being nice, didn't really think much of it.

                      He's due back this summer. That's going to be one heck of a tab at Duda's!

                      1. Great story. Love their sweet potato fries, which are like none other.

                        1. I just wanted to give this thread a bump. I have good news to report, my brother made it through his deployment safely and is due back states side next week. After some de-breifing, he will be heading to Baltimore for Memorial Day Weekend.

                          I have seen some recent posts about people traveling into town for the lacrosse games that weekend (Go Red!) and others have commented about trying Duda's for the first time. We plan on being their Saturday afternoon of Memorial Day Weekend and opening up a pretty large tab. If you've ever wanted to try Duda's, join us on Saturday the 26th for the celebration.

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                            Congratulations....from the bottom of my heart! Another soldier returns home safe!

                            1. re: KAZ

                              This is still on my must try list, and you've given me a reason to bump it way up. See you there.

                              1. re: KAZ

                                I am so happy to hear that your brother made it home safely. That is terrific news! (And the next time we get down to Baltimore we are definitely going to make it a point to visit Duda's - that was a great story.)

                              2. Sounds like a must!

                                1. That IS a fantastic story...Duda's firmly on my 'rotation,' anyway, and lately I try to remember the night of the week specials...I'm pretty sure Monday is burger night (and great burgers), and Tuesday in half-price seafood night, and maybe Thursday is delcious steak night.

                                  But, Duda's is worth going to anytime!

                                  And, it's just about the one place in Fells Point left that seems mostly locals...so easy to hang at the bar, watch an O's game, and drink a cold beer...Baltimore perfection!

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                                    You are totally right, one of the last locals hangouts...shhhhhhhhhh ;)

                                  2. We'll be heading back to Duda's this Memorial Day weekend. Last year the place easily, and fantastically, hosted a welcome home party for us. All are welcome to join us again this year.

                                    Does anyone know how the softshells are so far this year?

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                                    1. re: KAZ

                                      I have wanted to try this place for a while now, but they have no online menu and it's hard to talk my other half into a place where I cannot tell her, or show her what is one the menu - I only know it's bar-fare and we're not really bar people.

                                      1. re: KAZ

                                        'tis the first full moon in May out my window, so the softshell season is officially upon us. I cheated and had a softshell sammy at Nick's on Saturday. The first of the year is (almost) always so yummy (and almost always coupled with lots of beer) that my comparative judgement is impaired. But it was a heavy sucker, fried up and served as I like it between slices of white bread with a tomato slice (though the better tomatoes available later in the year would definitely have been a plus).

                                        None of this helps you in your assessment I suppose. But I say its worth a try at the very least

                                        1. re: KAZ

                                          I had a fairly decent softshell at Costa's for lunch today. I still preferred the ones at the Fort Charles Pub though (RIP).

                                          When are you doing Duda's? I bagged last year, but i'll do this year, promise.

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                                            By the way, I went to Duda's for lunch today and they had softshell sandwiches. We didn't have one, although I did quaff a couple of Resurrection Ales. I need a nap.

                                            1. re: JonParker

                                              Way to prime the pump, Jon! It should be a great weekend down at Duda's!

                                              1. re: KAZ

                                                I can only express joy in knowing your brother is safe and returning State side.

                                                As for keeping Duda's a local joint. I'm live in Boston but I am originally from Annandale (NOVA). For the last 4 years we travel to Camden Yards to have crabs (go to Mike's in Riva) and then watch the Sox beat the O's. Breakfast is usually at Blue Moon, but having found Duda's we also stop by for beers and whatever else is on the menu. This year we may try Annabel Lee too.

                                                I love the food in Baltimore!

                                        2. I was inspired to register for this thing by your story. We live right down the street from Duda's and we think they are great.

                                          Just wanted to add that Baltimore bars are now SMOKE FREE!

                                          1. BEST BURGER in FELLS POINT. The nurses from our hospital go there after work alot....AWESOME FOOD...GREAT PEOPLE

                                            1. Memorial Day weekend means we'll be heading back down to Duda's for another celebration.

                                              I had some fantastic steamed shrimp there the other week. Paired nicely will an ice cold boh and an O's game on the teevee. Bawlimor perfection.

                                              1. Hard to believe 4 years have gone past already. A few things haven't changed. My brother is back in Afghanistan and I'll be back at Duda's this weekend for my first softshell of the season.

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                                                  If you see a tall skinny guy with glasses and hat in the company of short skinny Asian lady without glasses you will know that they are there toasting safe return for your brother (and enjoying Bawlimor perfection according to your suggestion).

                                                2. The tequila shrimp were basic but good good. The crab cake entree, one tennis ball size crab cake that was 70 or more percent crab. very good. steamed mussels good enough, beer prices very reasonable. even like the raspberry almond cheese cake the wife ordered. Very informal, great place. Will go back when next in Baltimore when I can.

                                                  I raised a clipper ship in salute to those serving out country.

                                                  1. Bump. Another Memorial Day at Duda's!

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                                                      1. re: JonParker

                                                        Oops, sorry, I meant Memorial day Weekend. We usually go Saturday afternoon.

                                                        1. re: KAZ

                                                          I was there earlier this afternoon but looks like I missed you again. Had the chili cheese fries, which sounds pedestrian but is really good with their homemade chili.

                                                      2. re: KAZ

                                                        Wow, I've had a couple of decent BAR FOOD items at Dudas that have been passable (chilibake comes to mind) but the place has an overall dingy feel to it. The last two times inside, I was convinced the place smelled of wet dog.

                                                        1. re: Dithyramb

                                                          Well yes, it is bar food, but its good bar food. And if you found it dingy, you and I travel in very different circles. It's one of the nicer bars that I've been to.

                                                          1. re: JonParker

                                                            Ditto Jon...love it., and the people are great! As is the Resurrection! I might just go on Saturday!

                                                      3. Based on a recommendation from this board, I went to Duda's when I was in Baltimore a couple of years ago, and their crabcakes are the best I've ever had. That same week I also tried the jumbo lumps at Obrycki's and Faidley's but neither were as good as at Duda's. JMHO.
                                                        ...And yes, nice people.

                                                        1. Annual Memorial Day Weekend bump ....

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                                                          1. re: KAZ

                                                            there are better dumpy bar food options in Fells. BUMP!

                                                              1. re: Dithyramb

                                                                I think you miss the point of the OP and the bump.

                                                                1. re: drewpbalzac

                                                                  I'm familiar…just wanted to know where better bar food in fells is!

                                                                  1. re: gregb

                                                                    You're not the one who missed the point.