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Feb 14, 2007 05:03 AM

Duda's in Fells Point

I wanted to share another reason why Duda's in Fells Point is rapidly becoming my favorite casual / bar dining option. I think the general consensus on the board is that it serves top notch bar food, with a nod toward traditional Maryland fair. I agree whole heartedly.

My brother is in the middle of a 18 month tour in Afghanistan. He was fortunate enough to come home for two weeks near the holidays. During this trip, he obviously missed the Baltimore dining scene and we hit as many of his favorite spots as we could, including Dudas. Almost all restaurant / bar owners were extremely friendly upon realizing this was a brief respite for my brother. The guys at Duda's were no different. Until a few weeks later. My brother returned to the mountains of Afghanistan and received a large package postmarked Fell Point. The guys at Duda's had sent him a giant portable crab feast, crab meat, old bay, Utz potato chip, and other stuff. It went above and beyond a simple nice gesture (the shipping alone probably coat $50).

This place serves terrific food, and is run by terrific people.

To get back on the food, I had a great 'werst and kraut there the other night as well.

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  1. What a great story. Duda's is one of those places I keep meaning to check out, but just haven't got around to. I'll be sure to bump them up on the list.

    1. Duda's is a great place and now I like them even better!

      1. have you thought about letting the B'more Sun know? duda's could probably use the free pub.

        1. I am awestruck by this ! Never been there. Will be now.

          1. That's an awesome story. I'm gonna be in Baltimore Thurs. nite (assuming Logan isn't backed up to high hell) and would love to try it. But is it filled with smoke?