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Feb 14, 2007 04:52 AM

Black Sheep lately?

We have reservations for this Sunday night. Old posts are so positive, hoping it still lives up to it - anyone been lately? Would love an update!

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  1. Do yourself a favor go across the street to Christophe's.

    1. Christophe's is closed on Sundays during the winter. You'll have a great meal at Black Sheep.

      1. Didn't make it up there that weekend - it was the big storm... But we're headed up next weekend & I've rescheduled for next Friday eve. Very psyched to try Black Sheep - have heard good things.

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        1. re: jdubboston

          I know you'll have a wonderful meal. I have never gone away dissatisfied, and I've eaten there quite a bit. And I can't say that about too many places. Definitely check back in and let us know what you had. Yum!

          1. re: Addisonchef

            I enjoy the Black Sheep very much but have had issues with overly salted food on more than one occasion.

            1. re: Addisonchef

              So we finally made it this past Saturday - and it was.... OK. Highlights of the meal were the pork dumplings as apps, the chicken scallopini, and, of course, the fries!
              On the middle of the road side, the flat-iron steak was good, but served too cool, although we were so engrossed with everyone at the table, we didn't send it back, so it was our issue.
              As for the disappointments: was very excited for the spinach salad with poached pears and feta, but I got only three (3!) slivers of pears and it was DRENCHED in a cream dressing that wasn't even mentioned in the menu description...the feta alone would have been enough. The carrot soup was quite good, but too sweet with the coconut milk - the carrot & ginger give enough sweetness, so I felt that the coconut was just overkill. A dining companion had the salmon cakes w/ wasabi and said they were down right bad - not necessarily bad fish, just poorly prepared, too much filler, overly salted....
              We went very early, so it wasn't too busy when we sat down, but was full when we left at 8pm. The service was wonderful and we loved the atmosphere - and we were with good friends, so it was easy to shrug it all off. Not sure we'll be rushing back, though.