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Feb 14, 2007 12:32 AM

Need SF lunch/brunch Sunday

Have older adult guests who want to have Sunday lunch/brunch in SF with selections to include a meat/potato eater; street parking/valet; around Golden Gate Bridge/Wharf (no Marina); quiet (condusive to conversation). Now that's not much to ask...


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  1. The only thing I could think of is the new Pres a Vi in the Presidio. Located in One Letterman.
    They have valet I am pretty sure. Howvever, very easy to get in and out of.

    The restaurant is large enough with seats for lot's of privacy. The place to me feels like a restaurant that would be in Orange County on or near a golf course.

    I have only had bar bites here and wine flights, no real meal to speak of. They serve lunch not brunch, take a look at the menu. There have been some ok reviews not great on this place, but you will get good service, easy access, quite place to have a conversation.

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      This was the most perfect suggestion so thanks Lorie SF. Reservations were not available at the times we wanted. Any other suggestions if I widen the range to include Russian Hill?

      1. re: Caryl Aaron

        Absinthe-Hayes Valley-
        398 Hayes St. (at Gough)- I think they have valet. You can have private conversations here, ask for a table away from the main room, they have nice tables by the window.

        Magic Flute in Laural Heights- on California. The area is flat, you could drop them off in front if you don't find a spot in front. This is a old school neighborhood place, that serves brunch. the place is small and if crowded it might be loud.


        Home- has two locations. The one on Union will be less quite than the one on Market street. The Union address offers valet and the one on Market has a parking lot next to the restaurant.

        1. re: Lori SF

          also I forgot to mention-
          Bob's Steak House- downtown, valet, quite, I hear the food is pretty good I personally have not been there.

    2. How about Sidewalk Cafe on Lombard (x Presidio gate)? Depending on the weather , they have outside seating. I've only been there once for brunch, but my crab cake benedict was pretty good! Sometimes you can see the parrots (telegraph hill ex-pats) in the trees across the street.

      1. Let's open up the location to all of San Francisco and hopefully get more suggestions.

        Also, let me add that one in the group is walking-dsabled so no stairs or more than 1 street away (Pier 39, steep hills, etc.).


        1. The perfect place with all your requests.... Moose's on Washington Square in Northbeach. They even have valet parking and some fantastic benedicts and French toast. You can make reservations on open table.