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Feb 13, 2007 11:02 PM

Seattle Long Weekend, July 07

Visiting Seattle (from LA) for a long weekend in mid July, staying at the Grand Hyatt on Pine Street. Celebrating my wife's birthday on the day of our arrival.
Would be very grateful for any recommendations for a special place (preferably) within easy reach of the hotel.
Somewhere smart but not too stuffy, maybe with good views and/or a romantic atmosphere. Prefer modern American/Pacific Northwest style, budget of around $150-200 total for the 2 of us (only me drinking alcohol).

Also interested to hear any other recommendations for Seattle first timers likely to be following the usual tourist routes over the two and a half days. Always nice to make informed choices......

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  1. I like the Waterfront Grill for Special Occasion dining. You'll have to take a cab, but it's only a 5 minute ride +/-. for their menu.

    Ambience is old school chic and cool, rather than intimate and cozy. Views are lovely, as the restaurant is situated at the end of the pier. So there's only the restaurant patio between you and Elliott Bay, with views of the ferry traffic, Olympic mountains and the sunset.

    In my experience, the food has been consistently perfectly prepared. The crab and avacado salad is very generous on the crab side. Sea Scallops are perfect. And the lobster mac-n-cheese is my favorite side. And the raspberry sorbet martini may start drinking habit for you wife!

    If nothing else, I recommend having a drink on their patio. But dinner there should fit within your budget.

    1. The only thing good at Waterfront is the view.

      For the best food in the city, Mistral, hands down. You can stay within your budget pre tax and tip. But you will probably creep over once you're out the door.

      I'd also recommend Canlis. The food is not in Mistral's league (but no one really is), but is very good, light years better than any other "view" place in the city. If you stay away from the wagyu, you can stay within budget. Ask for a window table when you make a res. They will request you wear a jacket, but that's a small price to pay for the best view in the city.