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Feb 13, 2007 10:14 PM

Lucky Baldwin's-Pasadena: Lousy

have been going here for years for the belgian beer festival, as well as other times, and have tried not to see the slow decline of the place but tonight was just too much. The place smells like a frat house (it is plain distracting and foul), the lines for tap beers are not cleaned often enough which leads to metallicy tasting beers (although this could be the glassware), the food is okay at best, and the music is just plain rotten (a decent jukebox that is sprinkled with nice stuff but too much silence and too much lovey dovey). the service is the only thing not worth slamming-the staff is always pretty nice and knowledgable. i will try the sierra madre location because a beer bar with great belgians is tough to find in la, but i will avoid the pasadena location from now on....

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  1. sorry to see this. i remember going about 5 years ago and i had a great time. though, granted im not a beer aficianado nor snob and would probably not be able to tell much difference in the finer aspects of taste.

    still planning on trying to go at some point tho, maybe make a day of it in pasadena.

    1. There is one in Sierra MAdre now. Its not as gross. Anyone been there?

      1. I guess I wouldn't expect much more from a place like Lucky Baldwins. It's unpretentious, old-school and it is what it is - a divey pub with fried food that tastes good but leaves you feeling like crap afterward. The jukebox hasn't been updated in centuries and they'll never upgrade the beat-up patio furniture. Strangely enough, I find it charming...

        Clare K.

        1. It's a pub, not a wine bar or a cocktail lounge. They serve beer and watch soccer. You watch soccer and drink beer. The food is fried and that's about as good a compliment as it deserves. Sure it's lived-in and the bathrooms are gruesome, but it's a pub fer chrissakes.

          1. i know it's a pub. i have been to a few. i want my beer to taste good (especially when you are having a beer festival) and i want the place to not smell of rotting frat house. unpretentious does not mean dirty, divey does not mean foul, and a soccer on tv with volume would be better than some 80's love duet.