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Jun 15, 2005 08:12 PM

Oakland - Bakesale Betty Opened Today - Lamingtons to come

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Bakesale Betty started selling her homey baked goods today. There were scones, banana bread, brownies, lemon squares and her delicious warm sticky date pudding with warm caramel sauce (what can I say, yum).

They will be adding products over the next month as they get settled into the new shop. Coming soon are the Lamingtons, ginger cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies and vanilla shortcakes. Alison (Betty), decked out in her blue wig, said that they will also have soups, salads, sandwiches and coffee soon.

Alison Barakat, worked at the Chez Panisse Cafe for three years after moving to the Bay Area from Australia. She started selling her baked goods at the Danville farmers market and also sells at the Alameda and Walnut Creek farmers markets. Helping her run the shop is her fiancé Michael Camp. They are really a friendly, cheerful couple.

Alison offered samples. I thought sample was maybe Australian for baked good when she popped a whole strawberry rhubarb scone in a bag. She generously gifted me with the first scone. There were also apricot/almond and orange scones. Fresh blueberry are coming.The large round scones are light and buttery and topped with sugar.

The banana bread sweetened with honey is dusted with a cinnamon crumb topping. It is sweet and moist. The cakey, moist brownies reminded me of something a good home cook would make.

My favorite was the lemon squares on a shortbread crust with an intense lemon flavor and a little puckery tartness.

There were whole round sticky date pudding cakes wrapped in cellophane. I asked if it was sold by the slice and was given a sample of the lovely sweet most dessert.

The desserts are on the sweet side. I liked them and am looking forward to stopping by as the shop adds to their product line. They really are the type of good home baked goods you might find at a bake sale ... with a touch that reminds you of the Chez Panisse background. It is a nice addition to that neighborhood.

It is located on Telegraph on the corner of the block that has Pizzaiolo and Dona Tomas. It is just across the street from the Walgreen’s.

Allison said the hours might be a little irregular in the opening month, but basically 7 – 7 six days a week. She said Sundays they might close about three.

Bakesale Betty
5098 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, Ca 94609



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  1. Last year she was at the Alameda farmers market every Tuesday. Her shortcake for strawberry shortcake was wonderful. The scones are additive. She sampled me a sticky date pudding one day with the sauce. It was just great, we ate every bite.

    I was "ordered" by my wife to bring home scones every week which went to work with her. They were passed around her work (Wells Fargo on California) and universally loved.

    Her cookies are also wonderful, especially the chocolate chip/hazelnut.

    She is very free with samples and not just tiny little bites. She hasn't been back to the farmer's market this year so I'm very excited to find out where she has settled.

    Her goods may be on the sweet side but that's just fine with me

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    1. re: Monty

      I agree those scones are nice. I'm enjoying the rest of the strawberry scone as I type this.

      The comment about the sweetness wasn't a critisism, just an observation. I like a sweet dessert with a strong coffee.

      The prices seemed pretty good for the quality. If you check the product line on the website all the ingredieants are listed. The link to the website is on the OP.

      Here’s a link with a little more info on Bakesale Betty (including a picture of her in her blue wig) from a cctimes article. It has a nice description of the sticky date pudding.

      “Not to be missed is Bakesale Betty's sticky date pudding, which she sells with its own container of caramel sauce all beautifully wrapped in cellophane and blue ribbon.

      The pudding, which is flecked with bits of fresh date and possesses a subtle saltiness that makes its flavor addictive,”


    2. Finished off one of the rhubarb scones about an hour ago and my teeth still ache. Nice flavor but way too much sugar. Nearly put me into diabetic shock.

      1. I stopped in there today and it was like I entered a weird funhouse zone. I asked for a scone and a brownie and the fiance Michael got out a big box and started filling it with scones and slices of banana bread, while asking my name and was I from the neighborhood, locking his friendly blue eyes to my gaze with the intensity of a Moonie, and talking feverishly about how much fun they were having and their double oven and their labor of love and all the love they were getting from the neighborhood. I asked him what he was doing, I only wanted to stick a scone in my handbag and nibble a brownie, and he said "you know this is good for our business, let me do this." Then he went to the register and rang me up for $7! I asked him what he thought I had ordered, told him I had only wanted a scone and a brownie, and then he gave me a whole sticky date pudding by way of apology! Of course I didn't ask for the extra $3.50 back.

        Something tells me they aren't getting enough sleep and they're getting a little loopy.

        The brownie was too sweet. I haven't tried anything else yet.

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        1. re: heidipie

          Hmmm ... it seems the consensus is starting to be too sweet. For me it was borderline sweet, but the first bite did strike me as "whoa, sweet, really sweet".

          It seems the price of entering the shop is $7. I was loaded down with baked goods and Michael just rang it up as seven bucks. I think I walked out with six pieces of pastries.

          They do age well though. The following days they actually tasted better. For me they contrast nicey with strong coffee. Between the sugar and the caffeine, I'm revved all morning.

          Will be interesting to see what the lunch items are like. I do want to try a Lamington.

          1. re: rworange

            We found all items too sweet to enjoy. But I crumbled the scones and made parfaits out of them with whipped ricotta and crushed blackberries and strawberries. Pretty, easy, yummy.

        2. I enjoyed their colorful vintage ironing board "shelves" as much as their scones @ the Danville Farmer's Market. Are there any ironing boards in the shop?

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          1. re: chowfish

            Yes, the ironing boards are out. My sweetie and I stopped by the other evening, and had a long, nice talk with "Betty" (Allison) and her husband (Michael). We had an excellent brownie and an outstanding lemon bar.

            They completely redid the space after taking it over -- only one refrigerator remains from the old owner. They've also hired Amy, formerly of Amy's Cakes, which explained why we couldn't reach Amy for our wedding cake shopping!

            I'm very happy they're in the neighborhood.