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Feb 13, 2007 09:57 PM

what foods do you miss most when you leave LA?

i started a similar post on the NY boards due to an upcoming visit and it made me wonder how LA hounds would respond. here's the post:

this is not a question about your favorite foods or restaurants as a dose of homesickness can often render cravings for surprising things. it's "home" food.

my list (in no particular order):

in-n-out (clearly
)zankou chicken
burritos from el taurino and carnitas michoacan
chicken cutlet curry and chicken pasta at hurry curry
soontofu from sokongdong
dongchimi gooksu from the corner place (gil mok)
jja jjiang myun (noodles with black bean sauce from any chinese/korean restaurant)
berry blossom cake from susina
fried potato balls from porto's
feast from the east chinese chicken salad
california chicken cafe salads
breakfast burritos at lucky boy
dumplings and veggies from din tai fung

oh and i'd still appreciate any NYC recs. i figure it's a more appropriate question to ask on a non-NY boards but i think against the Law.

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  1. Don't forget Santa Maria style barbecued trip tip, a Southern California tradition.

    1. samosas and vegetarian combo plates from Samosa House; moles and chiles en nogada at La Casita. cheers

      1. perhaps not surprisingly, i missed corn tortillas when i was living in japan. but now i just miss ramen (;_;)

        1. Dodger Dogs, In-N-Out, DiDi Reese

          1. Because leaving "LA" usually means heading to Bangkok, I miss good Mexican and decent pizza.