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Feb 13, 2007 08:13 PM

Mei Long Village xiaolongbao (XLBs)

Do they have them all day every day, or only on weekends? What is the best time to go for brunch/lunch and not have to wait too long? Also, would you recommend a better place to go?

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  1. Everyday...J&J just to the right of Mei Long Village. Their crab(real crab) and pork dumplings are fantastic.

    1. Mei Long Village has xlb whenever you go.

      Worse time to go in terms of crowds is usu. lunch/dinner during the weekends. Other times there is usually no wait.

      See my prior post about Mei Long Village and xlb.

      1. I went to Mei Long for the first time last week, it was 5-6 pm on Saturday and there was plenty of seating, they did seem to be getting VERY busy as we left however.
        When you go make sure you get at least 2 orders they are out of this world!!

        1. I was supposed to go to dim sum today, take some curious souls who had never been, but at the last minute a cold felled one of the companions, so the excursion is going to be another time.

          What to do on a sultry March day destined to be in the 90's? Uh, make an inaugural trip to Mei Long Village and try soup dumplings!! Whoo Hoo!! My husband and I got there around 12:30, and were seated after a 3-5 minute wait. We ordered one appetitzer, the cold stirred cucumber, and two orders of xlb; Shanghai dumplings(pork) and pork and crab dumplings. I loved it! After we were done eating the xlb and the cucumber, we ordered some pan-fried pork dumplings. The verdict? Eh.

          I'm daydreaming and plotting my return to SGV, and snapping up some more xlb--maybe next time I'll try an entree, as well.

          I was happy our waiter's English was good-I'm allergic to shellfish, so while I use my husband as a taster, it was easy to ask questions.
          1 Coke
          1 appetizer
          1 order Shanghai dumplings
          1 order pork and crab xlb
          1 order pan fried pork dumplings

          $27.60 with tax, before tip

          In my next venture, I think I'll try J & J, and leave room for Beard Papa.

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          1. re: cjla

            It's rather funny, but there is a dearth of good choices in the SGV (and probably all of Los Angeles) for good pan-fried dumplings.

            Don't even get me started on the supposedly world-famous pan-fried dumplings from Dumpling Master ...

          2. Weekends are best. Week days you have to get there early to any of the three - Dragon Mark,Mei Long or J and J for lunch.

            I can tell the difference- the filling at J and J is a little tastier - maybe because they prep the whole crab there - but I like the wrappers an Mei Long better.

            If Im having a big dinner with friends, I usually end up at Mei Long - in addition to being addicted to XLB, I dream about their Smoked Tea Duck, another all time favorite - anywhere.

            But for a simple lunch (i try to eat there early for lunch) J and J is great. I think over all the food is better at J and J - But both are really good.