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Feb 13, 2007 07:38 PM

Albuquerque: Best of?

I will be in Albuquerque this coming weekend, and am looking for the best of the following:
-mexican (not New Mexican)
-pizza (I'm from New York)
-middle eastern or any other notable ethnic cuisines

I am looking for something akin in quality to Barrio Cafe and Pizzeria Bianco in PHX. Any ideas for a spectacular, non-pretentious culinary extravaganza in ABQ??

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  1. Your traveling to New Mexico.

    Why not New Mexican?

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    1. re: Grey

      I'm not adverse to eating New Mexican cuisine, just was in the mood for Mexican. Ok, in that case.. what is the best New Mexican? Additionally, how about any Oaxacan places?

      1. re: es1355a

        Try the enchiladas at El Patio. Beans, rice, corn tortillas surrounding a filling.
        It seems a typical Mexican dish but has the New Mexico spin. The Wow factor is in the sauce(s).

        In most of the Southwest, it's rare to get a choice. The typical bland, brown stuff is painted on. Or they might offer a green variety, which is often a change of pace, but not of blah taste.

        Patriotic New Mexicans will debate what makes a good red versus green sauce with the same passion as NY Pizza vs. Chicago. Or Memphis BBQ versus Texas versus K.C.

        Regardless, get the enchiladas and have one smothered green, the other red. They'll split it up. And you'll be in heaven.

        I'll defer to the locals for other advice.

    2. Indeed. Why would a New Yawker want to try pizza in ABQ?

      When in Rome...

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      1. re: GroovinGourmet

        Curiously, I have found that sometimes the best "New York" pizza is not in NY at all.. I think Pizzeria Bianco is better than anything I have tried in NY (and I've tried them all), save possibly Grimaldi's and Patsy's in Harlem.

      2. Not pizza, not Mexican, not Thai, and not Middle Eastern, but still the best meal in Albuquerque:


        Don't miss it.

        1. I don't know about Thai, but there is a great dim sum place on Cornell and Lead. I've been eating there foe over 20 years. It's a dive...but oh so good!

          It's called AmerAsia

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          1. re: tattud_gurl

            Eh. I was disappointed by AmerAsia. Not as much variety as I'd hoped (lots of similar things), several items not very flavorful and/or mushy. One was just a mess. Yuckity. Maybe I should try again.

            1. re: juster

              Try Ming's Dynasty on Eubank next time. Great Dim Sum on the weekends. I've never been disappointed.

          2. Best NY style pizza is Giovanni's on San Pedro SE. It's better than many NY pizzas I get in NY. Make sure you go when the owner, Rosario, is working, or I can't vouch for what you get.

            Middle Eastern is tough - best Palestinian is probably Petra on Harvard SE. Best Persian (only Persian?) is Pars Cuisine on the I-25 frontage road near Jefferson NE.

            Can't speak to best Mexican - I like Ruben's Grill on Candelaria NE just E of Eubank for antojito-type stuff. El Norteño can be a little more cerebral - depends on who's cooking.

            Can't speak to best Thai - there's a lot of good Thai. Good Vietnamese, too.