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Feb 13, 2007 06:58 PM

Good eats in Scottsdale

We're heading down for our annual Spring Training and visit the folks vacation. Looking for lots of good dinner options in Scottsdale and vicinity. Some high end, most moderate, some hole in the walls.

We'd like one very nice special occasion meal. We've already tried Mastro's and T. Cook's. Ideally at least one fantastic local Mexican place spicy not a problem. A few basic steak and seafood type places, maybe an Italian place. My parents suggested Eddie V's? Any good? And tell me more about Vu which I see mentioned in a separate post.

Also any good lunch spots near the ballparks or good takeout deli's for sandwiches. Homefield is in Peoria where we'll be cheering on the Mariners.

Thanks for your suggestions. I'd be happy to reciprocate should you travels take you to the Pacific Northwest.

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  1. Special occasion dining...Sea Saw, Binkley's, Vu at the Hyatt Regency , Kai at Sheraton Wildhorse Pass

    Mexican...Barrio Cafe, Los Dos Molinos, Tradiciones

    1. I'd say that it would be good for a "nice occasion" to try something a bit more unique and flavored atmosphere wise than mastro's and t cooks... but should i assumed that you're looking for a chop house?

      i'd say to try vincents.... you can't get more upscale and southwest at the same time... or dick's hideaway (both in phoenix, not really scottsdale). North scottsdale is chock full of amazing places..

      if you can stand the heat, los dos might be your ticket for the mexican. people rave, but i can't take the spicyness level.

      eddie v's is another one much like mastro's and t cooks.... yes, the food is good, but homogenous is that way that all corporate type steakhouses are. you could get that food anywhere... while you're here, get something unique!

      as it happens, i am in seattle early march and would LOVE some recommendations:)

      1. I had a great dinner at Vu when I was there about a year and a half ago. I wish I could tell you more about what I had and detail but unfortunately I don't remember much other than I really enjoyed it. I have been back to Scottsdale since and I've yet to have a meal that was as well done as my meal at Vu.

        ... then again, I shortchanged myself and didn't hit Binkley's or Mary Elaine's. But never the less ... ; )

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          The chef has changed at the Vu since you dined there. The new chef is Brian Lewis and he has a very impressive resume and I like his food much more than the previous Toque's. If you have not dined at Sea Saw you are missing one of the most creative and talented chefs in the Valley, Chef Nobuo Fukuda (Food and Wine Magazine "Best New Chef" and twice nominated for James Beard "Best Chef Southwest").

        2. try bloom for a moderate upscale meal.

          1. No trip to Spring Training is complete without a meal at Don & Charlie's.