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Feb 13, 2007 06:36 PM

Guyanese Catering for Wedding!

Can anyone help me!?! I am looking for a good Guyanese resturant to cater my wedding. I am having such a hard time finding one because all the places that come up are all East Indian places and the food is totaly different. Any suggestions would be a great help!!

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  1. Would Trini be close enough? I went to a reception at ( i think) Pink Ibis on Oconnor and that was nice. I'll try to get more info about it. I know exactly where the restaurant is, just before Vic Park, but the name has deserted me. Must be the time!

    1. I think Roland's at 2900 Eglinton Ave. East is Guyanese, I think I've seen Guyana posters and map on the walls. Their food is quite good but I have to tell you I've ever only ordered the chinese food so I don't know how good their other style of food is. There phone number is 416-431-4242

      1. Thanks guys I will look into that information! All the help is greatly appreciated :)

        1. Timehri's (two restaurants in Scarborough)...attended an event catered by Timehri a couple of years back. Great noodle dishes, stews...would recommend

          1. The original comment has been removed