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Feb 13, 2007 06:23 PM

Best all night pizza deliver/24 hours restaurant

I'll be staying a week at the Grand Hyatt, Central Station. What's the best pizza I can get delivered in the middle of the night? Transportation not being an issue, what's the best 24 hour restaurant?

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  1. Sarges which is nearby to your hotel is opened 24 hrs and delivers. good jewish deli/diner type food.

    Don't know if it's opened 24 hrs but Little Italy pizza is in your nabe and delivers as well.

    1. Scotty diner is 3 blocks away on Lex , open 24 hrs to. Greek diner , great for what it offers. delivers

      1. Sarge's delivery takes forever, and their food is so so at best (imo, they are a diner). Scotty's is not bad. Your best bet for pizza late at night is the 24-hr place at Ninth Avenue and 41st St but they do not deliver. There are quite a few diners that you can go to. Most of the Korean restaurants in Koreatown are open 24 hours. Many of the places down in St Mark's are open virtually 24 hours as well. Pigalle at Eighth Avenue and 48th is a decent french bistro. If you want Chinese, there's good ole 69 Bayard St.

        1. Florent on Gansevoort St is heaven at 4.00am.

          - Sean

          1. And if you don't want to travel that far you can always go to L'Express on Park Ave. South