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Feb 13, 2007 06:22 PM

Room 4 Dessert

Has anybody been to Room 4 Dessert and tell me what they have on the menu?
I tried their website but couldn't find anything. Thanks!

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  1. I recommend the Chocobubbles or the Rum and Coca. I think the "drink" desserts are really solid, but the tastings are good too. The apple desserts are solid and the Voyage to India are usually very good too.

    I have a few reviews, with pics here:

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      er, Whisky Coca, not Rum. Sorry.

      1. Went to Room 4 Dessert a few weeks ago. My friends and I had one of each of the tasting desserts. The best ones were the Apples in Various States - apple papillote, apple cider, apple pate, amaretto panna cotta, calvados ice cream and Voyage to India - chocolate parfait with chai, mango sorbet, coconut cream, almond dacquoise.

        I had the Infance it was just a plate of sugar overload. "Lucky Charms" were shards of meringue sitting on top of toasted meringue, a ball of unflavored just sugar cotton candy, milk ice cream, milk jam (tasted and looked like dulce de leche) and cherries. The tartness of the cherries could not cut through all that sugar. The Plat du Jour was there own house made nutella, basil brioche (didn't taste any basil, it was just green) brioche ice cream, lemon cloud. Just a mish-mash of odd flavors that didn't taste very well together.

        1. this place was interesting. went there and had plat du jour (choc), voyage to india and cheese plate. our fave was the cheese plate. no question. cute place, great service and good wines. not your traditional desserts but was interesting and tasteful. however, i like traditional desserts better.

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              I live nearby and go there quite often. The menu changes seasonally and I've noticed that as they've been open for a year and some now, the menu has come full circle, with a few adjustments and substitutions though. I enjoy their food, can only remember one item that I disliked, but I wouldn't say everything is amazing. I'm also a big fan of the cheese plate. The atmosphere is fun too, depending on the night you go. Every time I go, they make you feel very welcome. It's also a little similar to European restaurants/cafes in which they let you sit and enjoy and will only give you the check when requested. It's not a place for everyone, especially not those who only like traditional desserts.