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Feb 13, 2007 05:53 PM

Flavoured Stovetop Popcorn


Does anybody have any interesting flavours that you like to put in popcorn? I just learned you can make popcorn on the stove. I thought it could only be made in a microwave or a popper.
So, apart from melted butter and salt, are there any other interesting and fun flavours worth trying?



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  1. My current favorite combo of spices atop popcorn:

    --Ground coriander

    I just sprinkle them on immediately after popping and toss.

    Drizzling sesame oil on popcorn also is yum. :) A little salt is all you need there, the sesame oil does the rest.

    1. Yes, Popcorn was around a lot longer than microwaves. I like to put curry powder on mine or any of the bbq rubs I have sitting in my cupboard.

      1. I'm a fan of the cayenne & ground coriander. Also good is some chili powder - yes, even the non-chowish store-bought variety.

        I like a sprinkling of sugar over popcorn as well.

        1. Good ideas, so far. Thanks!

          Have you tried the different coloured popcorns? I.e. yellow, red, blue, etc. Which is the best one to use?

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            I've tried regular yellow, which of course is great, but also white, red and black. The black has a nice nutty flavor and I really like the white, but the red doesn't seem to pop very well. Or maybe that's just my lack of skill...

            1. re: Jill

              Where have you found other-than-white/yellow kernels? Is there somewhere online you recommend? I've not had any luck at the grocery store, nor at Whole Foods.

              1. re: brownie

                Hi Brownie:

                Sorry...just saw your question. Unfortunately, the different colored kernels were a gift. I got big jars of each of the colors I mentioned, so I don't know where to find them. I'd check the gourmet grocery stores around the city though or places that carry unusual products like Trader Joe's maybe.

                1. re: brownie

                  I remember getting a bag of Black Cat Corn-- black kernels, obviously-- from my mother-in-law years ago. It was delicious as I recall. not sure where/if it's still available.

            2. I've been putting garlic butter on my popcorn for years. With a squirt of L & P and Tabasco into the melted butter, then grate some parm on top and toss