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I just had the BEST hamburger...

After reading a few articles on "Stand" I decided to stop by and try their burger.
I ordered it to-go, and I had the "Classic" with cheddar.
The burger was perfectly cooked exactly as I had ordered it, and it had that
incredible char grilled taste....which I can never get unless I am at a BBQ.

I also sampled the "pot of pickles" which were good, and the milkshake, which was
fantastic!! I would definitely say this place has some of the best burgers in NYC.
I can't wait to go back.

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  1. Agree about the shake and the "pot of pickles."

    How did you get your burger? I went and got one cooked medium, and I felt it was too tough. I guess their default is medium rare? Maybe that's better.

    1. Their default is medium-rare, and I got mine med towards well....it was SO good.
      I found it much better than Corner Bistro, Shake Shack and Rare.

      1. I agree. the burger's are great. Beef, veggie and salmon being the best. Turkey was to dry - haven't tried the chicken.

        Everything is great there!

          1. I don't like the fact that you can't get a slice of cheese there -- only semi-gloppy cheese sauce. I want my cheeseburger to have cheese. It's on 12th betw 5th and University.

            1. I agree with Cheese Boy. I tried Stand today, and thought the burger itself was decent, but I didn't hear bells, see stars or feel myself hurtling toward hamburger nirvana...

              ...which I did experience last week at SoHo Park. I can't wait to get back there to make sure it wasn't just a dream.

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                Don't forget the onion rings and egg cream.

                1. re: elyseNY

                  It wasn't a dream. SOHO Park is terrific. From now on, we should expect it to be mentioned in all future "Best Burger" threads/fights.

                  VERY juicy. Nice toppings. Excellent. (FYI, I love GoodBurger and find Molly's to be too dry.) BTW, this is a "thin patty, nice salad" type burger (like Burger Joint, Shack Shack, and other paper wrapped burgers) as opposed to a "big patty, toppings-on-the-side" burger (like the fabulous Westville).

                  Onion Rings are good for those who like Indian spices. Fries are good (fresh cut...nothing special for fresh cut). Menu is diverse enough for non-burger eaters (soups, salads, etc.) The special dips are good, especially the pesto mayo.

                  Run, don't walk. And grab a table yourself. It's self seating, order at the counter...with waiters delivering your order from the counter.

                  1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

                    SoHo Park on Prince and Lafayette? That burger was definitely not terrific. It was the size of the McDonalds burger and I had the double burger and I was not full at all. Go to Second Ave and 7th St and go to Paulies if you want a good burger.

                2. Went a few weeks ago to Stand and almost got heartburn from it. Burger is too much -- gooey with meat, fat and all that stuff they put on it (classic). Staff were nice.


                  1. evry time i read something like this i just think i wish i could get all yous guys up to someplace like DOYLES PUB in the bronx. sigh. ok, ok you hooked me, i'll try STAND.

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                    1. re: mrnyc

                      MrNYC, I was hugely disappointed with the burger at Doyles.
                      Truly nothing to brag about. If you want a good burger....

                      George's Restaurant
                      3000 Buhre Ave
                      Bronx, NY 10461
                      (718) 822-9925 or (718) 918-9807.

                      I go Thursday nights...best time, IMO.

                      1. re: Cheese Boy

                        sorry to hear that, maybe you had it on a bad day? have you been more than once? i never had it at night, only late afternoon. its a superhuge burger if people are into that style.

                        i will hit GEORGES when i get a chance, thx for the tip!

                    2. We went to Stand's. I had a very good burger with very good onion rings. Burger is a little messy though.

                      1. Does anyone remember where the bison burger place is at?

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                        1. re: zorba

                          You might want to try Ted's Montana Grill on w 51st and 6th ave. walked by it today and looked at menu and saw quite abit of bison items on the menu. i havent tried this place so dont know how good it may be.

                        2. zorba, they have buffalo burgers at Big Nick's

                          1. Paulies on 2nd Ave and 7th St next to Pom Frites is good. Also, the casual grill on john st and nassau st is good in the financial district. And the shake shack is good on madison and 23rd i believe.