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Popcorn and popcorn salt


Where can I buy different kinds of popcorn (the type that you cook on the stove) and popcorn salt? I looked in Whole Foods but couldn't find it.



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  1. I'd try Zabar's or Eli's maybe. Or even one of those popcorn stores...isn't there one somewhere in Times Square?

    Popcorn salt is a finely ground salt that is almost like a powder. It's great because it sticks to the popcorn very well. I've found popcorn salt in the spice aisle at Gristedes. Granted...that was a while ago, but it was there.

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      I think I heard that pickling salt is the same as (or very similar to) popcorn salt. I'm not sure if that's true, though.

      BTW: as other posters have pointed out, you can buy popcorn at most grocery stores. Last time I bought it, it was on the bottom shelf. Only one variety.

      1. most grocery stores carry popcorn salt in the popcorn section next to that creepy butter flavored popping oil. Real butter and romano cheese for American Idol tonight!

        1. I've been struggling to find popcorn salt during the past few days at Gristedes, Zabars, Williams & Sonoma, Dale & Thomas, Eli's, Gourmet Garage, and haven't found it yet.

          Any other suggestions of where I could possibly find it in the city?

          1. Folks, please keep your recommendations here focused on where to find popcorn and popcorn salt locally. We've removed some off topic posts, and if you'd like to have a general discussion about popcorn and popcorn salt, please start a new thread on the General Topics board. Thanks.

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              I am looking for 'local' places in NYC to find popcorn salt.

            2. I have not had any luck for months, either, anywhere in Manhattan. Nor Brooklyn for that matter, so please post when/if you find a source. Good, fresh popping corn in a variety of colors at Kitchen Market, 8th Ave (21st/22nd St?).

              1. You only need a little powdered salt on popcorn -- it tastes much saltier than larger crystals. I just pulverize it with a mortar and pestle, with a tiny amount of seasoned salt -- Lawrey's, Spike, etc.

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                  I just tried the mortar and pestle idea - works just dandy and tastes fine. thx for the idea

                2. I get good popcorn from a farmer who sells on Saturday at Union Square in Manhattan. The stand is at the north end of the park across from the PETCO store. They usually have popped samples in a pot next to where the bags of corn are displayed. It's very tasty and I find that I need very little salt.

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                    Just tried some of that popcorn yesterday. It's excellent. My usual method is to pop it in a bit of canola oil, then top the popped corn with good olive oil, some fresh grated parmesan and a combo of some Maldon's sea salt and xtra hot dried Indian chili peppers that I've bashed up in the mortar and pestle.

                  2. I've bought popcorn kernels at Associated Supermarkets, as well as Gourmet Garage. I also ordered it from Fresh Direct. As for salt, I love Lawry's Season Salt on mine.