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Feb 13, 2007 04:59 PM

Palm Beach Gardens Breakfast

I'm in Boca Raton next weekend and am meeting friends from Stuart for breakfast - Palm Beach Gardens, or Jupiter, somewhere in between. Any Ideas? I can't handle IHOP in Jupiter. Help

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  1. Try one of the restaurants in the Jupiter Beach Resort. Pretty place, good food. 5 North A1A, Jupiter, FL

    1. Too Jay's for casual breakfast. Note that it can be very crowded at all locations during prime eaing times. Robyn

      1. You can't go wrong with the Juno Beach Cafe on the corner of US1 and Dondald Ross Blvd.

        1. Jim's on Indiantown Road, next to Tabica. Best breakfast in town.

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            Flavrmeister - wish I had seen this last year. We come to Singer Island every year and have been looking for "the neighborhood breakfast place" forever! Jim's is exactly what we wanted - good food, clean place, nice folks, good prices, etc. - just like home. The only complaint I had was the hash browns are yukky. I'm used to chopped up potatoes roasted to a nice crisp - these were shredded and roasted without ever being turned. Other than that, well-cooked OE eggs and a great ham steak. One thing people should know is that it is CASH ONLY. I have no problem with that, but I know someone will show up almost cashless, see the sign in the window and leave and miss a great start to their day. Thanks for the tip. Now, where do all you locals go for lunch & dinner that none of us "snow birds" know about?