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Feb 13, 2007 04:43 PM

Laurel Grill, Masa or Union Bar & Grill for V-Day?

So I've got 3 reservations at these places. Where should I take my girlfriend?

They've all got prixe fixe menus (Masa - $58, Union - $57, Laurel - $49). We love finding new restaurants and want something nice and chic, but doesn't have to be break-the-bank fancy.

It would be great to hear your thoughts. Thanks guys!

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  1. Of the three, my pic would be Laurel. It's sort of a hidden gem and therefore a bit more romantic. Union is a solid second choice. Masa a distant third.

    1. Thanks hungryinjp.

      I was leaning towards Laurel myself, but was a little scared off from all the "casual dining" experience descriptions online, plus the fact that I haven't actually seen any pics of the interior of the restaurant made me want to shy away. But your recommendation is very promising.

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        1. re: d2le

          Beware... Laurel can be very cold during the Winter. It bothers some people, doesn't bother others.

        2. I would say Union Bar & Grille before Laurel myself. Laurel is nothing's decent. But, Union's food is consistently superb and the staff is very accommodating.

          1. Out of your three options, my pick would be Union. I agree with BackBayGirl that Laurel is nothing special. The food is decent but I have never been blown away with anything I have had there.

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            1. re: mangorita

              I second Union. Esp. because Laurel's prices are pretty reasonable anyway and I think it's a better value at Union on this occasion.

            2. The original comment has been removed