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Expense Account in Seattle

Female LA Chowhounder staying at 1000 1st Ave, between Spring and Madison for a night. Need a suggestion for a high end restaurant within walking distance, showcasing local ingredients where I can sit at the bar and enjoy a quality meal. Thanks.

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  1. Union, at 1st and Union (3 blocks north of Spring). Without a doubt.

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      Union was great. Jerry the bartender was very helpful in steering me to some great local dishes. The bread from Columbia Bakery was steller. Jerry's suggestion of lunch at Le Pichet was good too.

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        Glad you enjoyed it. Jerry is a great guy.

    2. Does it have to be walking distance? If I was on company expense and cost was truly no option, I'd head over to the Herbfarm in Woodinville.

      Of course, it's not really an "eat at the bar" kind of place either though.

      Never mind, bad suggestion.

      1. While Union is great, have you considered just heading downstairs in your hotel and grabbing a great meal at BOKA? It has pretty much everything you are asking for.

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          BOKA is fine and all but it's not in the same league as Union.

        2. Walk to Union, or take a cab to Veil.

          If you want to sit at the bar and watch the ktichen staff, take a cab to Crush. They have a 2-4 seat bar which faces the kitchen. Ask Jason to prepare a tasting menu for you. Sit back and enjoy the show. You won't be disappointed.

          1. thanks for all the tips! I really like to walk in cities I travel to. Not much of that going on in LA.

            1. Really...that's all?? What about Zoe?...kind of noisy, but we were served by the chef owner at the bar last time we were in. Great cocktails, inventive fresh food, easy walk from Madison. We had dinner twice at Union and were very underwhelmed!! BOKA was good, though a bit pretentious and not very good sevice at tableside. Good bartenders though. Crow might be a better Queen Anne choice than Veil and 10 Mercer on lower Queen Anne is a great room with delicious food and a really cool library style wine collection. We love to dine barside..often with more interesting dining companions and mostly locals.

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                I think you didn't see where they asked for "high end." Zoe is fine, just nothing extraordinary. Which reminds me, I forgot to suggest Mistral. No better high end place in town. In fact I've had meals here that rival some of the best restaurants in the world; French Laundry, Jean George, Gordon Ramsey, Bouley; Mistral can stand with any of them! Crow makes decent food, but it's not much better than what any decent home cook makes, high end it is not. While Veil does high end and does it well. The French Laundry pedigree of the owner/chef shows in the food. 10 Mercer is a good place for drinks, and that's about it.

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                  I agree with everything hhlodesign says with one caveat....I wouldn't recommend Mistral to someone looking for a place to sit at the bar.

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                    Oh yeah, that's why I didn't suggest it originally. I forgot.

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                    It can sometimes be unclear if the poster is looking for "high end" because they like to spend as much of the boss's/client's money as they can, in which case there are barber-shops all over town that will take lots and lots of their money and not worry too much about disappointing. Taking money is much easier than presenting great food well and money is never a substitute for taste.

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                      I say Union. It's in your area, and a good meal. Mistral is just boring these days. Veil is not that exciting either. Veil is what you get if someone buys the French Laundry cookbook. So what if he says he worked there. This is a bit of a tangent, but the chef at Coupage said she worked at French Laundry too. When I dined at the French Laundry, one of the servers told us that hundreds of cooks come thru that kitchen every year, everyone of them wanting to learn from the best, and most of them spending a few weeks there. So why do so many people foam at the mouth when they here a chef worked at the French Laundry. For all anyone knows, all they did was take out the trash. :-)

                  3. Consder Shiro's too; it's about 1 mile away so about a 20~30 min walk or a 3 min cab ride.
                    It's a sushi place. go early 5:20pm, wait for them to open at 5:30pm and sit at the bar. Ask for omakase using local fish and ask Shiro what's fresh/good that day. He can take you right from a fresh salad to amain course of all sorts of exotic fish to a sweet plum dessert roll.