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Feb 13, 2007 04:15 PM

Union Square, east Village surrounding areas

Looking for a nice, relaxing and tasty restaurant for Friday night dinner. I am sure there must be some local neighborhood spot that someone can recommend. We enjoy all types of food---Italian, Spanish, Greek, etc. We are looking for a nice restaurant, not a diner.

Your assistance is appreciated. Since we will be staying around union Square, we are not limited to that area. Any amd all within a nice radius is just fine.

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  1. I find "relaxing" to be a tough find in NYC. Friend of a Farmer in Irving Place might be just your speed. It's very homey and there's a fireplace upstairs. There is also a nice little Italian place on 20th between Broadway and Park (sorry, can't remember the name but they make great pizzas).

    1. I agree w/Nikki NYC about Friend of a Farmer....I've always enjoyed its comfort, especially on a cold night. If you're in the mood for something more upscale, try either Danny Meyer restaurant, Gramercy Tavern or Union Square Cafe...sit at the bar if you can't get reservations. It'll still feel relaxing w/ the superb service and terrific food.

      1. I like Mermaid Inn especially for their lobster roll and old bay fries. Ask for a table in the back.

        1. The House and Casa Mono on East 17th Street (I think "relaxing" means loads of good wine) near Union Square at Irving Place.

          1. Giorgio's of Gramercy fits your bill perfectly. Question--I've been in the area now- 6 years- what' s the house?

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              Re: The House. It's new. Here's the website: And here's a recent report:

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                Wow--I cannot wait to check that place ou- maybe this weekendt. Can't believe I've never seen it. Thanks!