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Feb 13, 2007 03:44 PM

good eats in Cannon Beach?

We are going to Cannon Beach next weekend. Any recommendations for good eating there or in any of the surrounding towns?

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  1. Bread and Ocean is a good bakery in Manzanita (about 15 miles south of cannon beach)
    bread, pastry, sandwiches

    1. I wholeheartedly second the Bread and Ocean recommendation!
      On a windy chilly day, I still like clam chowder at Mo's, in Cannon Beach with a great view of Haystack Rock....perhaps just sentimental reasons but it hits the spot on a cold day.
      Gower Street Bistro is good , in Cannon Beach.

      1. The Pacific Way Bakery & Cafe in Gearhart had a good review in Food & Wine. There ought to be a lot of good food around there (I haven't been in ten years or more) since James Beard's cooking school used to be in Seaside! But then, everything tastes better the closer you get to the Oregon coast.

        1. I believe the James Beard cooking school was in Gearhart. I seem to remember hearing that he taught classes in one of those big old houses by the sea.

          Bistro in Cannon Beach is good. And I think the chef from the Stephanie Inn has opened a new place... for more informal fare, there's always the brewhouse.

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            Yes, the former Stephanie Inn chef (John Newman?) opened a place about a year ago. In fact, it might be called "Newman's"... we ate there a few months back an had an amazing meal. The lobster ravioli was a highlight! The restaurant is in a tiny yellow house next to the Surfsand Resort. (Speaking of the Surfsand - their newly remodeled rooms are gorgeous. We stayed in one that had 3 flat screen tvs, an ocean view from the bathtub and a nice little ocean view balcony. Not all their rooms are so nice, so ask for a remodeled one if you go.)


          2. theres a tavern that serves some great fish and chips. they also brew their own beers, and feature fine beer from other brewerys. it is called *bill's tavern and brewhouse*. the service was friendly, accomodating, and prompt.

            the fish was delicious. the beer was perfect. a great place if you just want to have a nice, simple lunch with some damn good fish! very reasonable too. it is right on the main drag, so a great place to stop if you are antiquing, shopping, or looking for souviniers.

            we highly reccomend!