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Feb 13, 2007 03:30 PM

strawberry shortcake?

i;m looking for the absolute best strawberry shortcake in the la area...not too light and airy, although not too dense/rich...also, not dry. any suggestions???

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  1. My favorite cake of this variety is the strawberry cake from Phoenix Bakery in Chinatown. Real whipped cream frosting, generous good-quality strawberries, and a very fresh tasting white cake base (it is on the lighter/spongier side though).

    Phoenix Bakery Incorporated
    (213) 628-4642
    969 N Broadway
    Los Angeles, CA 90012

    1. I don't know if they still make it, but La Brea Bakery used to have this killer lemon ginger scone that was shaped more like a muffin without the crown. Anyway, it went perfect with strawberries and creme fraiche... Of course, you'd have to assemble it yourself... And the amazing thing about strawberries nowadays is they are available almost year 'round now. Some new varieties - one has to wonder if they're mutants of some sort - that can produce fruit that is almost as sweet, red and juicy like the ones we're used to in May-July...

      1. Strawberries aren't in season right now so anything you find will be substandard. And although CA does grow berries year round, fruit on year round plants was ruined by the recent freeze. Choose something else for a better result.

        If you must have it then you are better off assembling your own based on the best berries you can find. LBB does continue to have the ginger scone mentioned above and it does make a good based.

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        1. re: JudiAU

          I'm guessing you haven't been to any of the farmers markets lately... please see the Donut Man posting.... It's a wierd animal, but these varieties of "cool weather" strawberries make a very respectable fruit of surprisingly good quality. Definitely not the Harry's Berries in the summer stuff, but these winter strawbs at the farmers markets will beat most summer berries at the supermarkets. My wife just picked up another 3pak at the Wednesday Santa Monica farmers market and they were quite good. I just hope that we don't find out down the line a few years that scientists crossed these strawberry plants with Barry Bonds' underwear...

          1. re: bulavinaka

            Actually I have been to the market recently and although their have been strawbereies at some of the non-organic, lesser growers I don't think they are worth eating. They have tomatoes too but it isn't worth it. I am glad you found some decent ones.

            1. re: JudiAU

              Believe me - I am one of those skeptics who doesn't like to break far from tradition where I think it is appropriate, or jump on bandwagons. I've used this analogy before: Winter strawberries? That's like a snowball in hell! The man who knows more about fruit than anyone on earth - David Karp, the Food Detective, is someone I used to chat with quite a bit, until he moved out of Venice. A couple of years back, he told me about these new varieties of plants in the pipeline, that just kept pumping out strawberries all year long, and that even the fruit produced in cooler monthes were still very respectable. He just couldn't settle this in his mind, as it seemed to defy all of the standards of strawberry culture. I was shocked too, especially with the last 3pak my wife brought home last week. Very fragrant and sweet, although not perfect in the cosmetic sense. Harry's was open, but he sold out just as my wife walked up, so she grabbed some from another stand. Considering it is February, I can accept an imperfect strawberry relative to those late spring beauties, but I, like you, will not bite at a tomato unless it is summer.

        2. Two words: The Grill!

          1. It's not your traditional strawberry shortcake, more of a strawberry cream/cake triffle, but they serve it at CAFE TROPICAL and
            It is. awesome. mmmmm.

            Cafe Tropical
            2900 W Sunset Blvd
            Los Angeles, CA 90026

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            1. re: JackonCrack

              just bumping this thread to see if there have been any new awesome strawberry shortcake discoveries.....?

              1. re: JackonCrack

                bumping again, any new places that serve Strawberry Shortcake (or strawberrys on a biscuit?)

                1. re: JackonCrack

                  Second the bump, as well as insisting on the biscuit part; sponge cake is NOT shortcake, no matter what the supermarkets say. This is something that SHOULD be on the menu at Pann's, or somewhere equally honest about their food.

                  1. re: Will Owen

                    On the biscuit tip, since my initial posting, i tried the Strawberry 'shortcake' at QUALITY on 3rd street. (

                    They sue their just undercooked but delciious biscuits, and top it with strawberries and whip cream. Tasty, and VERY filing.

                    I also tried the strawberry 'shortcake' at GOOD GIRL DINETTE ( which is really more of a scone, but good in it's own way (and really you're going there for the awesome biscuity crust on the pot pie anyway...


                    Still in search of places for my strawberry shortcake jones!

                    I hear FIG in Santa Monica and ENGINE CO. 28 Downtown have SSC on their menus, anyone try it?

                    1. re: JackonCrack

                      bumping this thread see if there's any new restaurants with awesome strawberry shortcake?

                      Prefer the biscuit-like strawberry shortcake (like Das Ubergeek's attached pic)

                      1. re: JackonCrack

                        Yes, Engine Co. strawberry shortcake is of the biscuit variety, but I've never seen anyone order it.

                        If you care, Animal has a version of it made with toasted pound cake (as opposed to biscuit), which is also worth trying.

                        1. re: ipsedixit

                          Co-sign Animal's, though it's been quite awhile since I had it.