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Taqueria Chihuahua On Venice Blvd. Now Open!

They have colorful streamers on the outside and I saw a steady stream of people coming in and out of the place today. I hope to try it sometime this week, but if anyone wants to post a review, I'm anxious to hear if it's like it used to be.

12034 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90066
1 and 1/2 blocks East of Centinela


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  1. Ooh, I'm a newcomer to LA. This right on my route home from the office. What's the deal with it?

    1. The deal with Taqueria Chihuahua is that it used to be on Olympic & 20th, but lost their lease, as Sony took over the property. They closed around the middle of last year, and took forever to open in the new location. What's unusual about the place is they had both good regular standard Mexican fare, along with very respectable taqueria food. Great nachos, crunchy tacos, red chile burritos, AND good carne asada, carnitas, & al pastor tacos and burritos. I'm hoping the reincarnation will be just the same, but will find out for sure when I actually give it a try. If it's the same as it used to be, you will most likely enjoy it a great deal. Bandini gave it a good review on his most excellent taco blog:



      1. Can never never have too many good restaurant choices, especially when it comes to Mexican. Are we lucky here in LA, or what?

        1. Exxxxxcellent... It's on our bike path to the Farmers market, so we'll have to check out soon! :)


          1. checked it out today.

            the only thing the new place has in common with the old place is the name.

            the menu is very condensed. Only burritos, tacos, tortas, and quesadillas.

            no red chile burrito..or bean and cheese burrito or combination plates. No nachos

            it's not the same restaurant.

            I had 3 tacos, my friend had a carnitas burrito.

            the tacos are 1.29 each and small. 3 tacos came to 4.20 . At the old place you could get a 3 taco combination with rice and beans for the same price and often they would have specials where that same combo with a drink was 4.95

            I did like the carne asada and carnitas though and my friend liked his carnitas burrito. But if you're looking for the old taqueria chihuahua menu you wont find it.

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              I plan on giving it a try today, and will report back, although it appears that the "new" place is nothing like the old...


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                Hmmm!! Thanks for taking one for the team Bandini! :)


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                  I think my heart stopped when I read "No nachos"
                  I LOVED the nachos at Taq Chihuahua. flavorful carne asada, chunky guacamole, gooey cheese.... my boyfriend I probably had those nachos at least twice a week for two years. we used to share a plateful and marvel at how lucky we were to be able to indulge in such a delicious, simple plate of happiness. no nachos.... I don't know how I'll break the news to him.

                2. I tried Taqueria Chihuahua earlier this week because I never got to try the old location and had been waiting for them to re-open... i could still smell the paint and noticed there was no salsa bar. I had 1 al pastor and 1 carne asada taco... the al pastor was good, the carne asada was ok. No bits of meat that I had to spit out like i encountered at el super taco last week. it was nothing spectacular, but definately good enough that I will give them another shot in a few weeks, hopefully by then the grill will be seasoned and they will have a salsa bar...

                  however, this being said, i had tacos por favor today and would take them instead any day...

                  1. There's also a new taco place in Culver City on National, just north of Venice RIGHT near the freeway entrance. I only ate there once so far but I thought it was pretty good. Meat grilled/griddled to order.

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                        I'm pretty sure I just saw the place last weekend catching the Santa Monica freeway heading east. The place is brightly painted (and I think it's got some neon
                        signage too) and it's just south of the onramp heading east, on the west side of the street. You can't miss it, but for the life of me I can't think of the name. Not sure how the parking is around there. I only go that way on the weekend to visit my friend's store in Little Tokyo. I was hauling a bag of paletas from Mateo's (learned about it on Chowhound) and now I'm hooked on the darn things. So many flavors!

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                          It's called "Sabor a Mexico." I haven't been even though I drive by a lot, it looks like it's kind of hard to find a place to park. If you're headed SE on National, it is about 20 feet after the 10 East Freeway intrance, on the right hand side of National, before you get to Venice. Google says the address is 8940 National Blvd. It has very brightly colored neon lights outside, it's hard to miss

                      2. Just tried Taqueria Chihuahua and I wasn't too thrilled. As Dommy mentioned - you're always spot-on - the menu is very condensed. Tacos, burritos and tortas is about it. I had two tacos - cabesa and al pastor - and a carne asada burrito. The al pastor was good, the cabesa was just ok, and I couldn't really tell what the carne asada was like because the beans and rice ratio was too high. Also, they get minus points for not having some kind of salsa bar - even just a a couple of bowls on the counter would be sufficient. Hopefully, it's just a case of working out the kinks, but they need to get on their game quickly as this area is thick with other taquerias.

                        1. Oh how I miss Chihuahua and their crunchy beef tacos. I will go soon and report back if they are the same --- or different.

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                            As the current threads would indicate, there are NO crunchy tacos at the new Chihuahua anymore - nor are there any nachos and red chile/green chile burritos & enchiladas. Just soft tacos and burritos and not good ones, either. Expect to be disappointed. As another poster noted, unless they get their act together soon, they won't last long, as they are in a neighborhood filled with far superior competitors.