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Feb 13, 2007 03:14 PM

best italian or mexican- midtown under $30

hey there I am at hotel at 48 and lex and looking for a good italian or mexican restaurant that i can do for $30 or less and is 15-20 min. walk.


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  1. Cafe Linda has decent Italian. For lunch (under $30), I highly recommend Pampano, which is a higher-end Mexican. Think seafood and meat dishes versus tacos, burritos, etc. They have an affordable fixed menu.

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      I second the Pampano suggestion. It's on 49th, b/t 2nd & 3rd. Excellent modern Mexican cuisine with an emphasis on fish and seafood. They offer a 3-course lunch prix-fixe for $25.

      Cibo is on the corner of 2nd Av. & 41st St. Very good Tuscan/New American cuisine. A la carte menu + lunch prix-fixe = $26.95; dinner prix-fixe = $29.95.

      Fagiolini is on the corner of Lex & 39th. I've never eaten there, but Hounds who have say the food's good.

    2. Blockheads on 2nd Ave and around 50th is good if you want a burrito. Zarela, which is across the street is great if you want authentic mexican.
      Mama Mexico on I think 49th between 3rd and Lex fits the bill. Kind of a combo platter sort of place.