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Feb 13, 2007 02:56 PM

Where to keep decadent chocolates?

Got an early Valentines gift of Pierre Marcolini's chocolate--so good. Problem--it is so fresh I don't know where to keep it. I live in a small nyc apartment. Will the fridge make it lose it's flavor? Its so fresh right now. I have it on the windowsill.

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  1. Don't keep them in the fridge. The moisture is terrible for chocolate. Just keep in the coolest place you can and eat them fast!

    1. Keep??? KEEP????!!!!

      Eat 'em!

      1. The box is huge!!!! I could easily eat about 6- 10 peices a night. I got about 50- great boyfriend!!!

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          Damned, we should all have that problem! Delight in your friend, share with others. What can be more fun than to see the OMG look on a person's face when they get first taste? I am truely serious. Pay it forward...

        2. Totally plan to give a few away so everyone can enjoy--I love to spread the wealth- no worries! But not so many that my SO thinks I don't like it or anything..there's a fine line there in some ways w/ a V- Day present....hence the question.

          And to be honest I don't have to many non-coworker friends here that I think would truly enjoy it. BTW it's actually snowing in nyc- if my work is cancelled tomorrow this will be a non-issue as I will be home all day gorging!

          1. See...Mother Nature knows best.......;)