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Feb 13, 2007 02:52 PM

Good Times at BIN 8945

Enjoyed a lovely meal at BIN 8945 last Saturday night. Made reservations on a Thursday and made sure to ask for an inside table after reading on the boards that its small location.

I had such a great experience. Great wine recommendation. And the service was good too, received complimentary sparkling wine before the start of our dinner. Do they do this often?

I would definitely go back and like the fact that menu changes weekly.

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  1. Glad you had a good experience. Did you do the tasting menu or order off the regular menu? My friends went and did not love the regular menu, though hounds' reviews of the tasting menu have been very complimentary.

    Though they honored your request, I unfortunately learned two Saturdays ago that a request for an inside table won't always be. I requested it when reserving the Tuesday before, and my husband and I were offered only an outside table, then told we'd have to wait two and a half hours to sit inside. We asked to speak to the manager, but he left us on the sidewalk for 15 min. We eventually left. Had a great meal at the charcuterie bar at AOC though (thankfully).

    1. I need to post an update, because I just received a call from the owner/manager, David, who apologized and invited us back in. It is really refreshing to discover that this restaurant, which I wrote off as uncaring about its customers, actually would call me up and discuss the situation with me. It just goes to show you how valuable this board is in the community, because often restaurants are not fully cognizant of food/service issues. I promise to write a full review on the tasting menu after we go, but would love to hear others' experiences with their food since they switched over to the tasting menu format.

      1. We just ordered off the regular menu. Thought of doing the tasting but I've had a few experiences where I just don't enjoy everything offered in a tasting menu. So ordered just a few items that I knew would be something I enjoy. We had the small plates of Tuna Tartare and Foie Gras and Bin 8945 Salad (it had duck prosciutto). And then for our large plates, my friend had the rabbit lasagne with rabbit sausage and I had the steak frites. I keep thinking of the fries fried in duck fat. And then finished off with a dessert sampler. I wish i had taken photo.

        Yea, I like how the owner is there to enhance the dining experience. If I could own a restaurant, this is how I would do it. Cozy and intimate.