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ISO A Romantic Restaurant In or Around Pasadena

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I am looking for a restaurant in or around Pasadena where my boyfriend and I could have a very romantic dinner. Bistro K is one of my favorites, but I think my guy is not adventrous enough to appreciate their food. Could someone please suggest a restaurant? Thanks in advance.

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  1. If he likes jazz, I'd suggest the back room of Red White & Bluezz. I think it's open Thurs-Sat, maybe Sunday.

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      He LOVES jazz! This place will definitely make it on the short list! Thanks!

    2. The dining room of the Ritz Carlton or maybe The Raymond.

      1. I second the Raymond. My boyfriend took me there last year for birthday, it was very very good. Food was excellent and service was remarkable. It's definitely one of my top choices for Pasadena dining.

        1. The Raymond is ok, but it's no Bistro K.

          1. Romantic restaurants in South Pasadena:
            Mike & Anne's, especially outside which they've decorated with lights. And there's Firefly Bistro -- the restaurant is surrounded by a big tent in a garden setting.

            In Pasadena:
            Bistro 45 -- fantastic food! The interior is like being in a house. Or there's Derek's Bistro.

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              I second Derek's on Glenarm and Marengo. Wine pairings were excellent.

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                I've been meaning to visit this restaurant. I will add this to my short list as well. Thanks!

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                  Derek's has been a little disappointing lately - the food has been disappointing compared to previous performances. The management is aware and responsive, but I wouldn't put it at the top of the list.

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                  I am not a big fan of Firefly Bistro. I have never heard of Mike & Anne's, but it sounds like it's a place worth checking out. Thank you!

                  1. When I went to Parkway Grill, I found it very romantic. The service and food were excellent also.

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                      Agreed. It can get a bit loud in the room, but the table by the fireplace is very romantic!! Definitely my vote for Pasadena. Had a great meal there earlier this week (white fish on a bed of mashed potatoes and articoke hearts. delish!)

                    2. I second and third Bistro 45. Get the foie gras. Very romantic atmosphere, extensive wine list and amazing food.

                      1. I really Shiro in South Pas. for a romantic evening. The decor might be a bit dated but the food, service, and overall experince are top notch

                        1. Food has been less than spectacular, or even adequate ecently. Manager is aware of this and tries hard.

                          1. Vertical Wine Bistro, with its dark and muted tones, can be fairly romantic, especially if you get one of the booths.

                            And the food is quite good. Had a nice meal there last night for Valentine's Day.


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                              How long in advance did you have to reserve? Is the crush over?

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                                I made my Valentine's day reservation about three weeks ahead of time, as I recall. I'd say about the 23rd or 24th. But otherwise, I suspect you could probably get reservations a day or two in advance.

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                                Wow, this place looks interesting. If we don't go there for this dinner, we will definitely go some other time.

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                                  How was the service last night? I went there about a month ago with several friends and we ended up in the low seating area by the bar and ordered food and wine. We didn't order all at once (as different people arrived, we'd hunt down the waitress... and then the food took forever to come out (easily 45 minutes each time). It wasn't overly crowded (it was a Tuesday night) and service (while on prior visits was always warm and engaging) was cold and bothered. It's a lovely, warm space - and I do enjoy the food there - but my last visit (which was the 3rd or 4th time) really put a bad taste in my mouth. If I'm paying higher end prices, I want the service to match.

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                                    The service was fine. We had a two-top near the fireplace in the dining room, which was nice. The food came out at a reasonable pace. We ordered our dishes all at once: charcuterie plate, cheese plate, pulled pork and duck confit. The charcuterie & cheese came out first (actually, cheese came first, and the charcuterie a minute or so later, which was fine, as we wanted to have those things pretty much together). The cooked dishes came about two minutes before we were ready, but I know that we were taking a long time to eat the first two, much longer than usual. We were slow pokes. The only service issue was with the glasses of wine we ordered to have with the two hot dishes. It took several minutes to get them (while we're waiting there with the food). As it turned out, our choice (by the glass) was not available and I guess they were looking for something to propose as an alternative. Once that was presented to us, we had our glasses right away. I chalk this one up to whomever is in charge of putting together the by-the-glass list. And if they're out of something, the servers should be so informed, and not have to find out the hard way.

                                2. We love the Crepevine. It is romantic in a parisian bistro sort of way. Beef Tartare is very good and i like their selection of wines by the glass. They also have beer on tap which scores points with my guy.

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                                    I actually took him to dinner there last week. He loved it!

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                                      Glad you liked it, it is casual yet romantic. If it's not to far for you guys you have to try Bistro Verdo on Verdugo in Montrose. Like going to Europe!