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Best Ankimo in LA?

I was so disappointed in the ankimo at Hiko, normally my favorite sushi joint. Sasabune does a fairly good job but they have turned into a sushi factory as of late and so I prefer to get my soosh on elsewhere. Suggestions?

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    1. Don't know about best, but it's real good at Sushi Ike, Hollywood & Gower.

      1. Sushi Iki on Tarzana on Ventura Bl. has very good ankimo when it's available.

        1. The one thing I really like at Echigo is his Ankimo with Miso Paste or Sushi Gen.

          1. Sushi Zo and Echigo are the absolute best. Both served warm, of course.

            1. Oh lordy, don't even get me STARTED on cold ankimo :)

              1. Sushi Zo and Echigo are the absolute best. Hands down.

                1. By FAR, the best ankimo i've had is at Kiyosuzu in arcadia. Never fishy, so soft and melty... I've had ankimo at probably a dozen places and nothing compares. Just served traditional sashimi style in a bowl with ponzu, scallions and grated daikon.

                  If you like the warm preparation, Echigo's with the miso sauce ain't bad.

                  I can't stand bad ankimo (which for me means it's either too firm or too fishy). Always perfect at kiyosuzu.

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                    Do you recommend this place tonight? I haven't been in years, but I remember last time it was pretty good. Off Baldwin and Duarte right?


                  2. Sushi Gen has the best ankimo I've ever had - and I've had a lot as that is one of my favorites. He serves it in a ponzu-like sauce with finely chopped scallions - perfect balance for the richness of the ankimo.

                    Clare K

                        1. Sushi zo. does not taste like cold paté or liverwurst. it's steamed perfectly where you have a bite to it. next time i go to zo, i'm ordering 8 pcs of ankimo a la carte.

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                            You might check with your cardiologist first before injesting that much ankimo.

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                                is monfish liver actually as bad as chicken liver, cholesterol wise, et al.????

                            1. Finally got my Sushi Zo fix last night and the ankimo was DELICIOUS.

                              1. if you're talking strictly ankimo, Noma on wilshire in santa monica (i think 14th or 15th street? somewhere around there) has excellent stuff.

                                1. i'll be the lone dissenter here.

                                  i enjoy the soybean paste that sometimes garnishes ankimo.

                                  But I beyond hate the warmed up ankimo. i have a feeling it's sometimes done to out of season ankimo.

                                  but recently ive had some great stuff at go's mart sushi. it was good and cold along with some other treasures.

                                  1. oh, yeah nozawa's ankimo handroll are a little sweet but great.