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Feb 13, 2007 02:25 PM

Visiting from NY - need dinner recc

In Austin, I don't need bbq help, but for dinner one night, want a local fave with great food, but not high end .

Thanks for your help.

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  1. general location? type of fare?

    1. Any location in Austin is fine. Will travel for good food, and will be doing so for bbq. I want something that stands out in the area. Mexican, etc?

      1. burgers at casino el camino

        1. For Mexican, not high-end, local favorite - try El Chile's on Manor Road. It does a good job of not being over-priced, yet not being a dive Mex either (which - I know - sometimes serve great Mex). I've eaten there a few times and have always enjoyed the food.

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            oooh, angie's on 7th for their carnitas tacos!

          2. In mid December I went to Nobu's in NY...and was not excited about my meal. You see I was spoiled by Uchi's, on So. Lamar, in Austin. Every Suchi I eat now, does not compare. Tyson Cole, the owner/chef, was named one of the ten best chefs in America, by the Food and Wine magazine, two years ago...and Uchi's is why. Yes it's expensive is NY's Nobu.

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              I second Uchi as a recomendation, but I also recommend Musashino Sushi Dokoro as an alternative. The Sushi there is also top notch, although the recipes are more traditional, and less fusion. I have found that the nigiri portions are larger at Musashino than at Uchi. But I do love Uchi. Their supertoro is just awesome. Tyson Cole was a part of the Musashino staff before he left to start Uchi. In this case it allows the best of traditional Sushi, and innovative Sushi. I have also heard good things about Mikado Ryotei, but I haven't been. Shoot for Uchi, unless you have a distaste for the ultra hipster scene, or want larger portions for you money.