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Feb 13, 2007 02:24 PM

st. andre cheese w/ ?

Looking for a wine type (and easy to find label) to pair st. andre cheese w/. under $20, please. ..and butter crisp crackers.


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  1. I sell a lot of this cheese in Chicago and we most often recommend Champagne or some other form of sparkling wine, preferrably not too sweet. Since St. Andre is a triple creme (cream added into the milk to create a rich, buttery product) the effervesence tends to clear the palate of that extra fat nicely. The Riondo Prosecco is a bargain at only $10, with just a hint of sweetness. My alcohol knowledge is pretty limited but I have had this combo and enjoyed it. Hope this helps.

    1. St. Andre is like eating butter, so rich and creamy. I would go with a California Chardonnay.

      1. thank you for your quick responses; will be put to good use.

        1. Usually with St. Andre (served at room temp, so it's almost ready to run), we'll grab a Montrachet. The fruit character of the Old World Chard fits with the "cream" aspect, and there is enough acid to act in a similar fashion to the Champagne rec. I've not tried a sparkler, but will, based on the recs. (second for Champagne & Brie in about a week), will give this pairing a good look, especially as my wife is a really big sparkling fan.


          1. Chardonnay will over power the butter flavor of the cheese. i agree with the sparkling, or a crisp Sauvignon Blanc, such as Merry Edwards.

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              I strongly disagree. I have had this pairing on dozens of occasions and a good FR Chard works beautifully.

              Sorry, but my experiences tell me you have missed something here.


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                Since when does ME make wine under $20.00 that is easy to find?