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Feb 13, 2007 02:11 PM

Private Dining Suggestions for 30 ppl (Portland)?

I'm looking for a restaurant where I can have an intimate, private wedding reception: cocktails followed by a seated dinner for about 30 people this fall. I live in Manhattan and love the style of Blue Hour and ClarkLewis, but upon visiting the restaurants I found the private room at BlueHour to be a bit too claustrophobic and the bar room at ClarkLewis to be much too loud, considering the other half of the restaurant would be open to the public.

While I want the food to be the focus, I'm looking for an airy, chic, elegant, simple setting (I know this is asking a lot, but I am willing to compromise!). Any suggestions for restaurants that have large private spaces, or smaller restaurants that would allow a full buy-out? Please help! I'm running out of ideas and finding this very difficult to research from the East coast. THANK YOU

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  1. Pazzo has a nice room downstairs that will easily seat 30:

    I think the upstairs room at Noble Rot ( would seat 30.

    I don't think the food is quite the same level as bluehour, but they might work for you. Good luck!

    1. Genoa has a private room though it may be a tad small for 30. Simpatica's dining hall would fit but their decor is "spartan" and probably louder than you'd like. However, since they are caterers, they'd know about other places that are available for private affairs and suitable for your party.

      1. while it may not be as cutting edge an experience as you sound like you are looking for, there are rentable rooms at Jake's Grill (offshoot of Jake's Famous Crawfish) that would fit your bill, and you can get as much or as little flexibility in yrdering as you want.

        1. For that size, I would check with Wildwood. Seating 30 is the more difficult part, probably, with some of these places which may have a private room they say is for 50, but doesn't necessarily seat that many. I would also check with the options at Olea and Carlyle. The Heathman certainly has the space, but it wouldn't be my first choice.

          1. I think "airy, chic, simple, elegant" perfectly describes Carlyle. Although thier private spaces may be too small, the restaurant itself is small enough that a buy-out may be just the ticket. They specifically suggest buy-outs as a special event option on thier web-site: