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Feb 13, 2007 01:43 PM

Visiting Dallas and Austin - need help

I have two nights in Dallas. One in Plano, and one can be anywhere in the dallas vicinity. I'm from new york and looking for great chow that the locals eat and can't get as good in NY. Obviously bbq, but what else? Don't want a very high end pricey joint. For BBQ, is Angelo's in Fort Worth the best in the area?

In Austin, I don't need bbq help, but for dinner one night, again want a local fave with great food, but not high end .

Thanks for your help.

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    scroll the pages and you will see a comprehensive review of Dallas BBQ and other restaurants by fellow CH, Scott. You will probably need your fill of chicken fried steak while visiting.

    enjoy your trip to DFW.

    1. To be honest I don't think of Texas as having real barbecue. I'd try for Cajun in Dallas and Tex Mex or Mexican in Austin. There's another thread here about Plano restaurants.

      1. I forgot to mention this earlier-- My sister (who lives in NYC and also a CH) says she has yet to find a decent place for pho in NYC. I took her to Duy Tan in Garland and she loved it and wished she could get pho that good up there. (take that, Yankees!)

        So, if you like pho, I would recommend Duy Tan in Garland. There's also a place in East Dallas called Vietnam that supposedly makes a great bowl of pho as well.

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          You are absolutely right about Duy Tan. Vietnam in East Dallas is good, and convenient for me -- but I still make the drive to Garland for Duy Tan.

        2. Angelo's is great.
          I agree about the Tex Mex and Chicken Fried Steak suggestions too.
          Get the best of both worlds at Matt's in Lakewood Shopping Center.
          It's Tex Mex but they have Chicken Fried Steak on the menu.
          My man loves it.
          And you can have some deelish margaritas too.
          And it's affordable.

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            As a Texan living in NYC, the foods I miss most are Tex-Mex and BBQ. Matt's is the best Tex-Mex in Dallas, and I think it's competitive with Austin and San Antonio restaurants. And there is nothing even remotely like it anywhere in the 5 boroughs.

            Angelo's is the best BBQ in the Dallas area, but I think the ribs at Baker's Ribs are definitely worth mentioning. Alot more convenient than Angelo's if you're in Dallas, and alot better than anything in NYC. But if you're headed down to Austin, and plan to eat some BBQ there, then I'd head to Matt's.

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              in Austin- try Z-Tejas for southwestwern fare- located on W.6th and Arboretum. For a unique BBq experience with a little class- try Lambert's-located across from the City Hall.