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Feb 13, 2007 01:32 PM

Eating "Chinese" in Athens, GA

Can you find real, non-Americanized (ie General Gau/Tzo, Peking Chicken, Kung Pao, etc.) "Chinese" food in Athens, GA? I mean the cuisines of different regions of China, including Taiwanese, as opposed to the crap served at most of the Chinese restaurants here. I know Athens won't come close to San Fran, New York, or even Boston, but there has to be some dishes that shine. Or am I SOL?

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  1. i dont know, the only asian place i really eat at is doc cheys, and occasionally at that place at the corner of college and broad, when i dont have much time and feel like ingesting a lot of msg

    1. Bad news: you gotta go to Atlanta, as far as I know. I think you and I have discussed that before? My favorite place is Little Szechuan on Buford Hwy.

      Good news: my buddy Kong, who owns L.S., is thinking seriously of opening a second location, here in Athens. Awesome food, and I hope it happens.

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        I had figured maybe with the recent number of Athens posters, someone would know about a good dish or two. Oh well, Atlanta it is.

        1. re: Dax

          Looks like it's time to make that trip to Marietta for the Tasty China experience.

          1. re: offtheeatenpath

            Oh it's been scheduled. Maybe this weekend.

      2. There are no good chinese restaurants in Athens.
        For chinese American my favorite is Chef Ming's next to the Kroger by Home Depot. I also will eat the chinese offering at Thai of Athens on Broad.
        Yes there are a number of Athens Chow hounds Perhaps we should all meet for diner some time o rperhjaps a pot luck if we can cok as well as eat at restaurants. I belong to several "gourmet" Pot luck groups. In fact, we are making a Marti Gras meal this Saturday with one group

        1. I've heard rumors that, if you go with someone who speaks the language, you might be able to get real Chinese at the Eastside Peking, but I haven't known any Chinese people to take me to check it out.

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            This is a tale oft told in major cities. I read the San Fran threads, having lived there years ago, and because I visit whenever possible. It is frequently metioned that it is almost impossible to convince a server at any Chinese restaurant to show you "The Secret Menu" unless you are Chinese. They actually have different menus for their Chinese customers. No matter how you insist, they won't serve you the real deal.

          2. I would go to a place my stepdad and I just found near the Mall of GA. It's run by a crew from Hong Kong and you can literally pick which fish you want to eat from the nearby tanks! Anything that offers sizzling frog legs as an entree must be authentic! they also have big steamers of clay pots with all kinds of seafood or meat with veggies... At the end of th emeal, they gave us their version of a dessert - red bean soup with sugar. I'll have to check out the name and get back to ya.