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Best Places to eat around Westwood

I"m goibng to be in LA for a 3 days and staying in westwood near UCLA. I was wondering if there where any must eat places around and of and good cheap eats in the area. I also was wondering about any really good tacos around the area.

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  1. Here's a link to a very recent thread that discusses Westwood area eats pretty darn thoroughly. Tacos in the local Westwood area are probably not going to set your hair on fire. How far are you willing to drive for tasty tacos?


    1. There is a really good taco truck on Barry Avenue just south of Santa Monica Blvd, next to Von's. It usually doesn't arrive until later (8ish). A really good restaurant, Nook, is right there too. I highly recommend the burger. Enjoy!

      1. Westwood Village adjacent to UCLA is widely criticized on this board for a lack of good food. I live in the neighborhood -- here's where I recommend:

        Two cheap landmarks -- Stan's Donuts, a block south of campus on Broxton. Heavy, caky donuts known for unusual flavors, many laud the peanut butter filled. Diddy Riesse, half a block south of campus also on Broxton. Home of the three-for-a-dollar cookie, or the ice cream sandwich with a choice of cookies and ice cream.

        Two happy hours -- Palomino, near Wilshire a block east of Westwood Blvd. Good happy hour eats at reduced prices and an office-worker clientele. Acapulco, just a little closer to campus also east of Westwood Blvd. Decent margaritas (specials on Mondays) and a free food table during happy hours. More students and staff crowd.

        Casual food -- Thai House, on Gayley a block and a half south of campus across from Whole Foods. Good Thai in a surprisingly nice setting -- tablecloths under glass tops, real plates and glasses, good service, reasonably quiet. I really like the mee krob and the yellow curry. Damon & Pythias, on Broxton a block and long half south of campus. Solid sandwiches and salads.

        Further down on Westwood Blvd, between Wilshire and Santa Monica Blvd. are several good Persian and middle-eastern restaurants. Shamshiri, Sheherzad, and Sunnin (more of a counter with a few tables, but maybe the best food). There is a Zankou Chicken, for garlicky rotisserie chicken with a killer garlic paste, much beloved and also sometimes berated, just south of Santa Monica Blvd. on Sepulveda.

        There is an In-and-Out Burger, if you are from an area that doesn't have them, just south of campus on Gayley. Try a double-double (the patties are small, but great quality) and make sure to order the fries welldone.

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          to add onto the palomino rec, they have a "first seating" special daily if you are seated between 5-6pm for dinner. its a 3 course pre fixe dinner for $19.95. you get a soup or salad tos tart with, your choice from over 6 entrees, dessert and a non-alcoholic drink.

          pretty darn good deal!

        2. Hey, magic, glad to have you in the discussion. I know you are a big D'Amore's fan from the pizza thread a couple weeks back. Personally, I prefer Lamonica's, but mostly for their delivery special. But I'm willing to give D'Amore's another try for a slice and maybe a sub. The original poster did not ask specifically for pizza, and while we all need our fix living here, I really don't think that's what Westwood or the L.A. area is known for, despite the recent buzz for Mozza.

          I'm not a huge Stan's fan either, but it is a local Westwood landmark. Besides Primo's, down on Sawtelle just north of National for a light baked donut, almost an elegant pastry, I like the little Royal Donut shop on the SE corner of Sepulveda and Palms (across from the Trader Joe's and Gualaguetza) for crispy glazed cinnamon rolls and a delicious light crumb donut if very fresh. Nice people, I enjoy supporting them.

          1. thanks for the replys, I am willing to travel a little bit for good food if there is anything within about 15-20 min. that is really good.

            1. there are a few good persian restaurants on westwood boulevard betwe wilshire and santa monica blvd.

              - sharzhad
              - flame
              - shamshiri

              on westwood blvd, closer to santa monica, there is a lebanese place that CH's either love or hate called sunnin. its very cheap and you can get a full dinner plate for @ $9.

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                Our favorite Persian lunch spot is a hidden place called Attari, at the corner of Westwood and Wilkins. The entrance is on Wilkins across from the 7-11, through the patio. I always order the ash-e soup, and a kuku sandwich.

                I'll second the recommendation for Nook Bistro, and throw in a recommendation for Terried Sake House across the street for Japanese pub food.

                Also if you take 25-30 mins east on Wilshire you'll be in Koreatown, the crown jewels of LA eating, as far as I'm concerned.

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                  never tried attari. will have to try them out one of these weekends. thanks!

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                    This place is fantastic! Don't passit up!

                2. Laminoca's NY PIZZA! By The Slice.... pepperoni, sausage, & Mushroom......Case Closed

                  1. If you're willing to travel a little, try the eats on Sawtelle. You can search on the board for favorites.

                    There's a decent Mongolian bbq place a few doors down from Whole Foods.

                    Steer clear of those noodle place on Westwood... never had a flavorful or non-greasy meal there.

                    1. Delphi Greek Restaurant, 1383 Westwood Blvd.

                      Also, believe it or not, the huge variety of food at the UCLA Hospital cafeteria is quite good.

                      1. I'll second Shamshiri on Wilshire if you are interested in Persian. Its not super-cheap on its face, but I bet you will eat 2 more meals on your leftovers! Really tasty!

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                        1. I have to agree, not too much great food near Westwood. But Thai House is very good, especially their ugly duckling and garlic pepper shrimp, and they have a pretty good salmon in a enticing curry sauce. Very friendly and good atmosphere. With all due respect, I am associated with UCLA, and I have to say, in my experience the cafeteria food is as bad as you can imagine (or worse). The Indian restaurant on Pico near Bundy is not so far away and has some of the best food near Westwood (it's 2-3 miles away) - ohh- why am I forgetting the name now??

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                          1. Indian Restaurant on the north side of Pico, just down from the Westside Pavilliion toward the 405 Freeway is Nizam, which has a very good buffet lunch, including naan. I don't think that's Bundy, though.