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Feb 13, 2007 01:26 PM

Dinner in San Diego Gaslamp District

Howdy, 'hounds. The beloved and I will venture outside our velvet-lined LA-cocoon to see an opera in SD this Saturday. Any recommendations for where we should have dinner before the show? We'd prefer something near the opera house or at least within the Gaslamp neighborhood. We're game for any sort of cuisine and prefer someplace on the quiet side.

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  1. Royal Thai is decent and if you are in the mood for sushi try Taka - I think it rivals most sushi places in LA. Also for a really nice small plates meal try Le Gran Tapa on B sreet (very close to the Opera House).

    1. You have to go to Chive - my husband and I had a fabulous meal there!

        1. I had a great lunch at the Grant a few weeks ago, and would not hesitiate to go there for dinner. Quiet and upscale.


          1. Is the opera at the Civic Theater, or the Symphony Hall? La Gran Tapa is very close to the Symphony Hall, but not the Civic.

            Near the Civic I recommend the bar at Dobson's - try the Mussel Bisque. The Grant is also very close, and newly remodeled.