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Feb 13, 2007 01:25 PM

Removal of Vanilla (white) theme


This Friday, we will retire our white, also known as "vanilla" theme. It's just too similar to Oatmeal, which has become a warm and cozy favorite around here. If you are a Vanilla user, we recommend that you update your theme preference to Oatmeal before Friday, to ease the transition.

  1. I like the white theme-why make another change???

    1. I vastly prefer the white to the oatmeal. The line breaks are much easier to see. I vote to keep the white!! Also, I still have to reselect the theme color every time I login.


          1. Ditto to the above: please keep the white/vanilla option.

            The "oatmeal" theme isn't as bad as that "red" design, but it's pretty darn close - I don't want the gradiations from (looking from the left of the screen to this text box) "oatmeal" to "darker oatmeal" to "white" to "oatmeal" to "white" to the pale grey surrounding the text box - is visually cluttered and annoying. And the "oatmeal" color is oppressive in a large amount (such as the page background).

            Please reconsider this decision.