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Feb 13, 2007 01:20 PM

Where to eat in Hammond, LA area ?

I'll be spending a night in Hammond, Louisiana and don't want to drive over to New Orleans. Any suggestions for good cajun or creole restaurants around Hammond?

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  1. Have some fun, go to Chookies on Morrison Blvd or Tope La downtown, or have some real fun and go to "downtown" Hammond, the suxhi restaurant will be immediately apparant, there are some great hamburger joints. Avoid Don's Seafood, tourist trap and poor food.

    1. How about BBQ...........

      Voo Doo BBQ & Grill @ 2108 W. Thomas St., Hammond, LA. 985 - 345 - 1131. *

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        Original poster has probably starved to death by now, since this post is over 3 years old.

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          Well it's only two dumb posters here. That's Itinerate and myself. But we thought we could enhance the board's offerings for the City of Hammond. Are you always this rude. I bet your husband does not like it if you are.