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Take out Lunch in NY for less than $10

Lunch time in New york city ($10 budget)

anywhere in manhattan.

any kind of food.

lets list all the options for workign people to get some cheap food

please list the subway stop and a few ideas of whats recommended to eat and a guide or price range less than $10 for a nice lunch

lets make the most of living in manhattan

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  1. One of my favorite meals (lunch or dinner) for under $10 is at Taim. They have a platter that includes falafel, amazing pita bread, and is served with hummus, tabouli and israeli salad and 3 sauces on the side: amba, srug, and tahini. We're talkin 7.50! The best deal around and the freshest food ever!

    222 Waverly Pl., New York, NY 10014
    between Perry and 11th Sts.

    (closest to 1 train at Christopher OR 2,3 at 14th St - exit at 12th & 7th)

    1. I love Blue Dog Cafe, on 25th just west of 6th (and very close to the 23rd Street stop on the F/V, but also easily walkable from the 23rd Street stop on the R/W and 1 trains).

      Their sandwiches (which are wonderful) are a little pricy, but one can still easily get out of there for less than $10.

      1. There's a great place down the street from the Hotel Sofitel.

        Sorry I can't provide more details...my last trip to NYC was 2 years ago.

        1. Dumping House on 118 Eldridge. 10 pork and chive dumplings, a sesame "pancake"-it is like a tasty little sandwich stuffed with herbs and meat, and a tea/soft dirnk for about $5-$6. there is a subway stop a few blocks away...anyone recall which? I think the J line stop at Bowery in Chinatown. You'll have enough money left over for a dessert at a bakery.

          1. F train to East Broadway: Happy Joy on corner of Canal/Essex where $3.25 gets you 3 Chinese/Malaysian choices over rice. I usually go for the spicy, addictive curry chicken and whatever veggies look good.
            El Castillo down the street on Madison/Rutgers where $10 buys you basically the whole menu. Great rice/beans, roast chicken, pernil, mofongo, cubano, chicharon, etc.

            1. Nicky's vietnamese sandwiches 2nd st betw Aves A/B- about 4 bucks a pop.
              Cafe Margon 46th betw 5/6 th- Cuban s'wiches for 5-6 bucks, other hot dishes under 10
              Minar on 46th between 5/6th- Indian veggie/meat/fish curries for between 6-8 bucks.
              Paradou Marche - Essex street Market - Tasty unusual Pressed s'wiches for 7-8 bucks
              Dumpling place (dunno name) on Mosco street 5 dumplings for a dollar.
              Mama's - 3rd between A/B- tons of soul food for just about 10 bucks.
              Congee Village Allen street below houston - tons of steaming congee for 4 bucks.
              Anywhere in Chinatown - 6 dollar lunch specials.

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                F Train on 2nd Avenue $10 and below lunch options:
                Nicky's a bahn mi sandwich and a soda will cost 4.95 - I just had this for lunch today.
                Katz(houston cor. Ludlow) pastrami sandwich- big enough for two around 8.50...grab a soda from a deli stand to remain within budget as sodas there will be above 1.50.
                You can get a sandwich/bagel with lox from Russ & Daughters (Houston near Orchard)for less than 10 bucks. A Lahmajun (sp) and a soda will prob be around 5 bucks @ Bereket - Houston cor. Orchard.

              2. How about the street carts? I love the souvlaki guys, for instance. And near my office, at 51st and Broadway, there's a soup cart, with about a dozen very good homemade soups. $4 for a small, $5 for a generous large, including bread.

                1. get a slice at joes on carmine!

                    1. Get a sandwich at Banh Mi Saigon Bakery. Way less than $10 and a delicious lunch!

                      1. 1. WaWa Canteen on Mercer (just off Waverly) is a Korean place with really tasty ramen. Its close to the 8th St stop on the R/W train. The ramen is about $7.50 and very filling.

                        2. BITE-just outside of the Bleecker St. stop on the 6 train had great paninis for $6.25. Smoked turkey, swiss and pesto, Proscuitto, mozzarella, sun-dried tomato and pesto, another just like it but with salami instead of proscuitto, and a Nutella & banana panini for $3. The crown jewel for me is the Middle eastern turkey sandwich with smoked turkey, greens, plum tomatoes, hummous, and spicy sambal sauce for $5.75 ($6.25 with a very good cold lemonade).

                        3. Sophies on Chambers Street near the City Hall stop on the R/W line has great pernil, plantains, and rice for $8. And they don't skimp on the portions either.

                        4. Blue 9 Burger on 3rd Avenue near 12th Street (close to the Astor Place 6 train or 14th St L train). They're similar to In-N-Out Burger on the west coast. A double cheeseburger and fries will set you back about $8. Very tasty.

                        5. Le Basket is a typical deli on Broadway at 3rd Street. They're close to the Bleecker Street 6 train and have really good sandwiches at the deli counter. They run about $4-$6 and the ones with turkey/ham, brie, roasted red peppers and honey mustard are always good.

                        6. Crosby Connection is a small sandwich stall/closet run by two guys. Its on Crosby St 1 block from the Bleecker Street 6 train. They have decent sandwiches for around $4-$5.

                        7. Two Boots on Bleecker near the 6 train has pretty good slices for about $3-$3.50 depnding on the slice. The "Newman" is pretty good.

                        1. Oh, there is also a really good cart in front of where Tower Records used to be on Broadway at 4th Street (R/W to 8th St). They have a great chicken in a pita sandwich and a soda for $4. Its grilled chicken, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, cucumber yogurt sauce, and hot sauce. Sammy's Halal food is cart just around the corner on 4th St and has really spicy halal chicken, lamb, etc for about $5. He just did really well in the Vendy Awards.

                          1. There is a very good halal place, North African, on 50th just east of 2nd Avenue. Under $10 - easily done.

                            1. If you are in midtown, I like Duke Cafe for the sheer variety of things you can get there. My favorites are in the korean section: tofu soup and bibimbop ($6.95). Also like the pizza section where you can customize your own whole wheat pizza.

                              It's on 51st between 6th and 7th. Close to 7th Ave B, D, E stop and Rockefeller F, V, B, D stop.