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Feb 13, 2007 01:01 PM

near madison sq garden lunch time cheap

where to ear near madison sq garden

lunch time please cheap budget take out type food (less than $10)
any and all suggestions are welcome. prefer less fat and oil in the food

also 10 mins away in any direction and 10 mins by subway from 34th and 8th is fine.

thanks for your help

i will eat everywhere and post my feedback for everyone.

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  1. Blue Dog Cafe, on 25th just west of 6th. Great sandwiches. I wouldn't describe it as cheap, but you can get out for less than $10.

    1. Waldy's Pizza on 6th and 27th. Very good. Once Shake Shack opens, that wlil be good and cheap, but for a long line.

        1. re: devil

          For those of us who have no idea what devil is talking about, I googled it:

        2. Cafe Express - 7th Avenue, east side of street between 29 and 30 - fab sandwiches made fresh while you wait (and sometimes wait and wait). Not cheap but well worth the really excellent quality.

          1. Sorry...correction - Cafe Express - WEST side of 7th Avenue