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Feb 13, 2007 12:53 PM

Chichen Itza (6th Street) stepping up their game

Hit there again last night, on the way home, when the Chow-spouse developed a craving for the shark torta thingy (pan de cazon) which she'd had there a week or so ago, and so off we went. She had that, along with the turkey soup; I had the salbutes, and braza de reina.

Things were somewhat busier than last time, and one of the owners, who we spoke to, said that lunch and weekend traffic has also been on the upswing. They've got music on weekends, too. Food had somewhat more pizazz (technical term), and the owner acknowledged that his father, the chef/owner, tended to be somewhat restrained in his spicing.

Waitress did get us, at our request, a lovely little bowl of habanero salsa (more than we could possibly have used) but seemed concerned that I might over-do it; she kept checking every few minutes to see if I was "OK" and had enough water...

So, hounds, this is shaping up into a wonderful neighborhood spot, and into a destination spot for those looking for Yucatecan food. They've got enough vegetarian items on the menu that you can bring vegetarians along without imposing on them. They've got a limited, but nice and reasonably priced wine list. They're on your way home from downtown to almost anywhere else in the metro area.

so GO!!!!

r gould-saltman

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  1. I was so PLEASED to see Jonathan Gold give it a wonderfully fair review in this mornings LA Weekly. We are going to have to check them out shorly


    1. Thanks for your report!
      I have to go and check them out soon.
      I have been craving for Yucatecan food for a long time now.
      ; )

      1. The original comment has been removed