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Feb 13, 2007 12:43 PM

Vegas in April on a budget

Going to Vegas in April...still working out the hotel, but will be somewhere on the strip. I'm a big fan of food...but my traveling companions are not...where can we go to not end up at Denny's, still have a good experience, but not break the bank (since many just got new jobs)?



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  1. Take a cab to Lindo Michoacan for some stupidly good Mexican food....tortillas and guac made to order....great local joint NOT on the strip.

    You will not be sorry....

    1. Lindo is a great recommendation. Or hop over to Marianna's Supermarket for possibly even better for less than half the cost (Sahra and Valley View location only). In lieu of Denny's, try the Orignal Pancake House or the Peppermill for breakfast (enough to tide you over unti ldinner, if you'd like). Try Hue's Thai Sandwiches (actually a primarily Vietnamese place) for pho or bahn mi. With an appetizer, less than $10 per person. For a splurge, go to Lotus of Siam for transcendent Thai. They have some expensive dishes, but the majority of the choices are under $10, including some great ones such as the khao soi, nam kao tod, and hoh mok plar.

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        In the past i asked for a restaurant w/ banh mi and i remember you posted on hue's in a review and lvnvflyer responded to my post that hue's was located at spring mountain...i haven't made it there yet ...your post has reminded me to get my butt over there ...the cross street ?? do you know if they bake their own bread ? i've been eating pho at pho su/so 1 on spring mtn and decatur - in fact, had pho their today...but the service was terrible...given the weather, i think a pho and banh mi lunch is in order !!

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          BTW, the bakery next to Hue Thai (Provence Bakery) probably has the finest bread in Las Vegas. They have the standard things, but their Fried Bean Curd Donut is definitely interesting and tasty.

          Your Cardiologist will thank you for the business.

        2. For a nice quick and inexpensive lunch, try Capriotti's sandwich shop. They have some great sandwiches that are relatively inexpensive. Definitely try the capistrami and the bobbie. Good stuff if it's up your alley. There are several locations but I think the one at Sahara and LVB is the closest/only one on the Strip.

          1. Hue's is a block west of Decatur, on the south side, upstairs in a rather new Asian strip mall. Their bread is baked at an attached bakery right behind that front's in a different direction - one of the real sleepers in Las Vegas that makes for an ideal desert.

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              ok - when i was at my pho place they mentioned that the place to get banh mi was on the 2nd floor of a shopping center, on spring mtn, near decatur...this must be it....i can't wait to compare to the banh mi shops of SGV on and around valley blvd !

              thanks for the directions !!

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                Yes, I think the address is 5515 Spring Mountain. While you are there, check out the Champion Foods, a Taiwanese place that offers interesting prepared food as well as a sit-down restaurant. I've heard now from three different sources that Panang Malaysian, next door to Hue's, has gone downhill. It was empty two different nights when I was at the mall on my last trip, and seems to survive primarily as a karaoke hangout late-night these days.

              2. I think the lines of people waiting for Denny's will be enough to keep your friends away.... it boggles the mind that people would WAIT like that for Denny's.

                On strip... I like the mexican joint at the Frontier... Margaritas Cantina. Decent enough chow and cheap margaritas.

                For non foodies... Fatburger on the Strip isn't exactly cheap, but it's good. And fun if you live in a place that doesn't have them,

                Downtown -- of course the Golden Gate deli for the shrimp cocktail, the sandwiches are cheap and won't knock your socks off but will appease the tummy.

                If you end up at Mandalay -- walk a couple casinos over before buying food. Even the food courts are cheaper the farther you get from the convention center.