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Feb 13, 2007 12:25 PM

The Best German Restaurant

Any recommendations on a authentic German Restaurant in either NYC, Queens or LI?

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  1. I am a huge fan of Zum Stammish in Glendale, Queens. Great beer and huge portions . Food , and the owners are top notch. Give it a whril.

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    1. re: FAL

      Zum Stammtisch! I have a ceramic stein in my hand right now! The bar is fun, and the Jaegersnitzel is very nice.

      1. re: MaspethMaven

        .How you a get a mug they don't hand them out. ha

      2. re: FAL

        The Jaegersnitzel and fried onions at Zum never change. I have been going for 19 years.

      3. I'll give another vote for Zum Stamtisch. Excellent food and great beers.

          1. re: Peter B Wolf

            Zum Stamtish is great. My father inlaw helped build the place years ago. This was the first German restaurant I ever went to. I mastered their dumplings and all to make at home. When I can't get there.

          2. zum stammtisch by default. the german dining scene in greater ny is really bad, so this is your best choice within the areas listed. i've never been blown away by a meal there and i don't think it's really that much better than the other german options (heidelberg, von westernhagen, etc.) in manhattan, queens, or long island, though.

            personally, i liked the food and atmosphere better at nurnberger bierhaus on staten island, but i realize that it might be out of the way for you.

            i know it's not german, but i find i've been going to austrian places like blaue gans whenever i get in the mood for teutonic/central european eats and want to stay in manhattan.

            1. Zum stammish seems to be the favorite - only went there once on strong recommendations and was satisfied, but let's face it, gourmet German food is an oxymoron.
              We weren't helped in making menu choices by our waitress. Who, when asked what she would recommend, answered in a thick Irish brogue, "I don't know, I don't eat this stuff!"

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              1. re: weebly

                That had to be Grace rthe waitress. BTW she is Scottish

                1. re: FAL

                  Well, maybe there's more than one "Grace". The one who served us told us she came from Dublin!