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Feb 13, 2007 12:23 PM

Red Wine Recommendations - $50 range

Any suggestions for a nice full bodied red wine for around $50 at the LCBO? Pairing it with my famous aged BBQ rib steaks

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  1. You could try an Amarone they usually run around $50. Very full bodied. I've tried most of the ones at the LCBO and some are better than others, but you really can't go wrong.

    1. Try...


      1. Absolutely go with an Amarone. Do an LCBO search for the Bertani Amarone. It is the best of the best IMHO. Probably more in the $65 range though, but well worth it.

        1. lovin' Barolos and Amarones. but if you're looking for rich red at a lower price point, check out the Cote du Rhones. We've had many of the ones in the $35-40ish price range at the LCBO and they're definately aged steak worthy.

          If you haven't had an Amarone before, maybe have a taste (summerhill, has a great range of tasting wines). they're a specific flavour / feel -- delicious, but unique

          1. Clos des los Siete 2005. This is a Bordeaux style blend based on the Malbec grape made by Michelle Roland ( a very famous bordeaux wine consultant) in Argentina. The wine blew me away in blind tastings and is only $25 @the LCBO. The wine has a considerable tannic structure that calls for a fatty steak such as the Rib.

            On a side note: Although Amarone's are very big, they tend to have very high toned acid and fruit characteristics, are sometimes slightly off-dry, and quite raisin-y. More of a good pair with game meats and fruit sauces then a grilled or bar-b-q'ed steak.

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              that's kind of what i was thinking... amarones are lovely but not quite a bbq steak match. if anything, i think a good solid zin would be great. i unfortunately can't suggest a specific one as i haven't broken out of the $40 price range for lcbo wines yet.

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                The Ravenswood zins out of California are excellent. Range from $25 - $75. Talk to the Vintages consultant for the differences.

                1. re: TorontoJo

                  If you wanted a well structured Zin in that price range I would look for any of the Ridge Bottlings (Geyserville, Lytton Springs, etc). Ridge wines tend to have a little more acid and tanninic structure (this makes them much better with food) than the more fruit oriented Ravenswood and Rosenbloom Zins.

                  1. re: Matt416

                    I second that rec. whole heartedly. I have never been disappointed by a Ridge Zin.