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What to serve with lobster tail?

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I have planned an appetizer of mussels in garlic and wine sauce followed by a main course with lobster tail.
This will be my first time cooking lobster tail. I plan on broiling it with some butter. But I'm not sure what to serve with the lobster?

Any ideas would be helpful.

Thank you!

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  1. It's been ages since I've had lobster tail in a restaurant. If memory serves, the most common side was a baked potato, but a rice pilaf would also work. Also, perhaps, some haricots verts?

    1. A small portion of polenta or risotto would be good. If risotto make it pea if polenta, wild mushrooms.

      1. I vote for the classic twice baked.

        1. I'll second the twice baked potato although I still salivate over the lobster risotto that I had a few times at David Paul's in Maui. Have fun.

          1. I'd go for something like a fresh corn pudding and a fresh green herby chopped salad...

            1. I vote garlic toast to mop up the liquid from the mussels, and an easy colorful steamed veggie like snow peas or sugar snap peas.

              1. I posted another query about lobster tails just awhile ago. Do you know if it is better to broil the tails or to steam them? Can hardly wait until tomorrow night!

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                  If you broil, keep them a fair distance from the heat source so they can cook through without drying out the top surface. Broiling is your chance to get the butter and garlic in action early, if that is your pleasure. The best I ever did, and haven't been able to duplicate it exactly, was steamed with curry. Dealers choice!

                2. Maine or spiny? I like to have black beans and yellow rice with garlic-lime grilled spiny lobster. Also, a nice ceviche goes well with grilled tail.

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                    Personally, I broil the tails without the butter so as not to char them. I use kitchen shears to cut down the tail, spread the shell open and then I remove the meat leaving the tail tip intact. Then I set the tail back on top of the shell and broil them thusly. They make a more impressive presentation, in my opinion, if prepared this way as restaurants do. As a previous poster noted, they tend to burn if they are too close to the heat source and I watch them closely. I also leave the oven door cracked open as they broil. My vote goes to a nice side dish of rice pilaf and steamed veggies :--)

                  2. Simple small Red potatoes cooked with kosher salt and EVO and some herbs and Steamed asparagus.

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                      1. First, I recommend putting a thin coat of mayo on your lobster tail before you begin basting with butter. This will keep it moist.

                        As for a side...my favorite are homemade french fries with truffle oil and parmesean cheese. You are don't want to fry, place all ingredients in a ziploc bag...shake...and bake.

                        1. For another lobster meal:
                          I used to cook live lobsters at home for a casual Friday night dinner. We'd always have it with baked sweet potato crisps and instead of using clarified butter we'd instead use a garlic aioli. Lobster meat already has a buttery taste so the garlic provided a nice contrast IMHO.

                          1. Thank you so much for the great ideas! I'm going shopping right after work. I will definitely try the mayonaise and pulling the meat out ideas. Hopefully the tails won't get dry. I like the small red potatoes idea (color scheme for Valentine's Day) but I do also want to have a green veggie or salad just to pretend to be healthy. Thanks again!